BK Surrenders

Black Knights
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Treaty Type: MnDoAP
Treaty Signed: 14 October 2019

BK Surrenders is a MnDoAP signed by Black Knights and GOONS on 14 October 2019.

Article I: The SurrenderEdit

The Black Knights hereby announce their surrender from the force colloquially known as Coalition B (the colloquial term for the wartime allied force consisting of the New Pacific Order, the Black Knights, the Commonwealth and several other assorted war allies) to the forces of Coalition G (which includes all previously named and unnamed members of Coalition B, as well as GOONS). The terms of this surrender shall follow.

Article II: The SubmissionEdit

Black Knights hereby declares their submission to the decisions of Coalition G in general and GOONS in particular in matters related to Global War 14, also known as the Dial-Up War. In order to ensure their cooperation in this matter, Black Knights agrees to an indefinite non-aggression pact with GOONS. In order to ensure their collaboration, Black Knights and GOONS agree to a state of mutually friendly cohabitation, and GOONS likewise agrees to refrain from bringing their fury down upon Black Knights.

Article III: The UnityEdit

GOONS agree to protect Black Knights from their aggressors, and notes their right to aid their protectorate in any matter they so choose. GOONS concedes that the Black Knights likewise possess the same requirement to defend GOONS and the same choice to otherwise assist them in their own wars.

Article IV: The LineEdit

GOONS is hereby absolved from responsibility for defending their protectorate in the event of a conflict initiated by an unrelated ally of Black Knights, and likewise absolves their protectorate from the selfsame responsibility. Chaining of calls for arms renders all obligations to an optional state.

Article V: The GanderEdit


Article VI: The BetrayalEdit

Should Black Knights desire to incur GOONS wrath, or should GOONS see Black Knights’ submission to no longer be to their benefit, either party may exit this agreement upon 72 hours prior notice.


Signed for GOONSEdit

Do Not Fear Jazz, El Presidente la Langosta

[REDACTED], Optimus Prime Minister

JT Jag, Hambassidor

Comrade Marx, Penile Envoy

Khris Kruel, Lard Commandante

Archibald, Dumbo Wrangler

Agni365, Bus Fare Guru

Oh Tiniest Bird, Corvid Comptroller

Dancemasterlee, High War Adjudicator

Sardonic, Hurr Comm

Signed for Black KnightsEdit

BK Signature

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