BBCode is a text markdown language that can be used in Politics & War to style text and insert images. BBCode should work in nation descriptions, alliance descriptions, messages, alliance announcements, and various other locations where large amounts of text are displayed.

Available BBCode

Below is a list of BBCode that can be used in the game.

  • Bold - [b]bolded text[/b]
  • Italic - [i]italicized text[/i]
  • Underline - [u]underlined text[/u]
  • Left Align - [left]left-aligned content here[/left]
  • Center Align - [center]centered content here[/center]
  • Right Align - [right]right-aligned content here[/center]
  • Bigger Text - [big]bigger text here[/big]
  • Smaller Text - [small]smaller text here[/small]
  • Quote Block - [quote]insert quote here[/quote]
  • Colored Text - [color=COLORNAME]colored text here[/color]

  • Column Area - [columns]column content here[/columns]
This does not create a column, but designates an area where you can use [halfcol] to
create columns.
  • Half column - [halfcol]content in one column here[/halfcol]
An example usage for two columns would be:
[columns][halfcol]Column 1[/halfcol][halfcol]Column 2[/halfcol][/columns]

  • Hyperlink - [link=URL]hyperlinked content[/link]
You can also use [url][/url] in place of [link][/link] as they are interchangeable.

Note: Politics & War URLs (i.e. or any variation) will
automatically hyperlink, and trying to use [link] or [url] tags will not work properly.

  • Images - [img]URL[/img]
Images must be hosted offsite and you must include the URL to the image in the [img]

Example usage: [img][/img] (displays
the TKR flag image)
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