Federal Democratic Azov Republic is a nation led by President Kirill Sharapov on the continent of Asia. Federal Democratic Azov Republic's government is a Federal Republic with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Federal Democratic Azov Republic favors right wing policies. The official currency of Federal Democratic Azov Republic is the Ruble. At 66 days old, Federal Democratic Azov Republic is an established nation. Federal Democratic Azov Republic has a population of 999,562 and a land area of 12,960.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 77.13. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.


Ethnography of the counrty goes from name ofthe sea, where the country found.

Government StructureEdit

Judicial BranchEdit

Chief Justce elects every 8 years on naional elections. Minister of Justice set  by president. Current Minister of Justice- Vladimir Ivleev


Parlament creates every 3 years on the federal elections

Upper house creates on regional elections. from the list of candidates. Elections are held on the one-vote system of an absolute majority, where candidate, who get more 50% of votes go to upper house. Current UH speaker- Sergey Tischchekov 

Lower house creates on federal elections. All parties must have a part in it. Last 5 parties goes in last tour, which will destrebute a places in parlament. Current LH speaker- Yri Filinov

Executive powerEdit

President elects on federal elections every 5 years. 

President can create a cabinet minister and prime-minister, dissolve parlament and accept or reject bill from parlament. Current President- Kirill Sharapov. Current Prime-Minister- Nicolai Hmelnov 

Ministries can  create a college cabinet. They set a college administrators. 

colleges coordinate and control actions of government

Regional governmentEdit

Regional government creates simmetry as federal. It control some aspetcts of regulation like:

Same sex marrige

Drugs control

Pensionable age

Minimum wage (not less than 206$)


Fierarms Control

Pension (not less than 476$)

Political partiesEdit

Liberal Democratic Party- right-center,Social-Liberalism, Liberalism
Right Conservative Union- right, Conservatism
Christian-Democratic Party- Ultra-Right, Christian Democracy 
Green Ecological Movement- center-left, green Social-Democracy 
Party of Cossack Reborn- Centrist, monarchism 
Cossack People Party- Centre, Nationalism 
People National Alliance- right, fascism 
Communistic Party of Azov- left, communism, Marxism-Leninism
Left Wing Union- left, Democratic Socialism 
Social-Democratic Party of Azov- left-centre, Social-Democracy 
Marxists Party of Azov- left, Marxism
August-91- ultra-left, trockism 
Libertarian Party- ultra-right, libertarianism 
Citizens Front- centre, centrism, populism
The Leader- authoritarianism, right populism 

Current ruling party leader- Sergey Belkov


Agrarian sectorEdit

Agrarian sector is give a few % for GDP. But for domestic economy, agrarian sector gives a big economical potential. the most developed agrarian cultures is hop, grapes and hemp 

Industrial sectorEdit

Industry is more developed than agrarian sector and more important. Azov industry is well know by its weapons and firearms. Azov fierarms export in different countries out the alliance broders. 

Second idustry- is a medical industry. Medical industry is more developed because legalization a drugs in some regions. This regions is not well developed, but their meaming for federation is too much

Third developed industry is- engineering. After the fall of Sovirt Union, all engineering concerns went to oligarch`s arms. This people still have this concerns, but in rebranded style

Current minister of economy- Peter Alegrov

Finansical sectorEdit

Finansical sector is main GDP investor. All banks, finansical pyramids, join-stocks companies make a money twice more than all two sectors together. 54% of GDP! 

Current minister of finances- Nicolai Ermolov


Ethic GroupsEdit

Azov is multicultural state. Current minister of Culture-Matvey Selenev. In Azov living 3 nations (not including immigrants): Armanian, Russians and Ukraninan. 

Differences in culture of this nations is very noticable. There are a lot of plays in theatre is playing on armenian or ukrains languages. Despite most of the people (78%) are russians, not many people suffer from nationalism. 


Azov is secular state and no one of religion can be set as state.  

After 90s years many chirches united around one religion. but some splet in different confessions and sects. Creating of sects is legal.

Media Edit

Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the law. College admnistrator of media- Sergey Pipulin

Radio Edit

Current radio in Azov Republic living because drivers. So, radio waves are crowded by road news, happy song shows and other. But another side of radio- is political propoganda, party agitation, political and economical news.

Top radio chanels:

  1. Autodrive
  2. Music Radio Shows
  3. Music Radio Road
  4. EconomRadio
  5. NewRadioCountry

Newspaper Edit

Newspaper isn not popular media resourse. Most of the current newaspaper is a party newspapers or advertisment places. Newspapers sometimes place games and lotteries for save buyers

Top Newspapers

  1. Yellow Press (Political agitation of LDP)
  2. Rose (Agitation of SDPA)
  3. Old Truth (Agitation of CDP)
  4. Feeld News (Sport)
  5. Workers Newspaper (Agitation of MPA)

TV Edit

TV is the second place media resourse. It`s imposible to describe all aspets of TV. But, all TV channels are commerical, some chanels are regional and only one channel is federal.

Top TV channels

  1. FPC (Federal channel)
  2. AniMe (Kids Channel)
  3. Goal (Sport)
  4. Red Line (Marxist agitation)
  5. UWC (Around-World channel)
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