Fourth circle of Hell

Camflag Flag of Fourth circle of Hell

Demon Azazel
Archduke of Foreign Affairs of Camelot
Basic Information
Founded 06/11/2017
Color Maroon
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy
Social Policies Moderate Moderate
Economic Policies Moderate Moderate
Religion None
Pollution 0 points
Currency Orbis Dollars
GDP $14,956,385,061.00
Civilians 10,598,328
Area 90,000 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 119.05 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Demon Army
Nation Rank 161
Score 4,895.00
Spies 60
National Capital Earth
Other Cities 30

The demon Azazel of the Fourth Circle of Hell -  entered the game on June 11th 2017, Immediately joining Lordaeron after receiving a invite from Kastor.

Azazel joined the economics department after a short time in Lordaeron, after about two weeks of service to Lordaeron Azazel was promoted to a Captain of Economics. During his service as a Captain of Economics he was promoted to Adviser to the council of Lordaeron.

Two months in Lordaeron's leader Kastor left the game, leaving Chidz in charge. Chidz promoted Azazel to Paladin of Economics but later transferred to Paladin of Foreign Affairs due to the BrittishDude returning to the game to resume FA duties.and then vanishing again.

Shortly later Lordaeron's leader Chidz stepped down leaving Kynlo in charge, who later stepped down handing Azazel leadership. Azazel ran Lordaeron for a few months before merging Lordaeron into Cornerstone. Cornerstone later merged into Black Knights

Azazel ran the economics department of Black Knights for just shy of two years. In his "eventful" retirement from BK he

  1. Leaked the entirety of Colo B logs regarding NPO's Last Time after his displeasure with IQ actively trying to force communities to quit
  2. Was accused of staling 10bn from Black Knights, however this is now known to be a lie BK accused him of to obtain more money
  3. Was accused of "hacking" Leo the Great of Black Knights. However it is now widely known/believed he did not hack leo and rather cleaned up after the person who used Black Knights back end system in order to allow them to escape being perma rolled by BK

He then created a micro called Demacia, where he participated in Great Leak War/NPO's Last Time against Black Knights. After the NPO cheat scandal he merged his alliance into GGFU taking the place of Head of FA

Less than a month after joining GGFU, the government decided to merge into Camelot. Azazel took the head of foreign Affairs position in Camelot.

Government Positions

Wars Participated in

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