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Ayyslamic Crusade
Part of the Great Wars
Date March 18, 2018 - April 18, 2018
Casus belli None given
  • White Peace
  • Parties agree to a 6 month NAP
Preceded by
Dead Knights Tell No Tales
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
Succeeded by
The Continuation
The Inquisition Flag.png
The Inquisition

Black Knights Flag.png
Black Knights
Cornerstone Flag.png
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag.png
Guardians of the Galaxy

New Pacific Order War Flag.png
New Pacific Order
The Covenant Badge.jpg
The Covenant

Acadia Flag 2.jpg

United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations

Polaris War Flag.png
Order of the White Rose New Flag.png
Order of the White Rose Surrendered
The United Empire of Zah'Aharon Flag.png
The United Empire of Zah'Aharon
Cerberus Flag.png
Cerberus Surrendered
Horsemen Flag.png
Horsemen Surrendered
WildFire Flag.png
Atlas Flag.png
Atlas Surrendered
Orange Defense Network Flag.png
Orange Defense Network
Pirate Sheep Flag.png
Typhon Surrendered
Kingsmen Flag.png
Kingsmen Surrendered
Cobra Kai Dojo Flag.png
Cobra Kai Dojo Hate Machine Flag.jpg
Hate Machine

Knights Templar Flag.jpg
Knights Templar
Durmstrang Flag.png
Seven Kingdoms War Flag.png
Seven Kingdoms
Bad Company Flag 2.png
Bad Company
Rose Flag.jpg
Advanced Idea Mechanics War Flag.jpg
Advanced Idea Mechanics
The Golden Horde Flag.png
The Golden Horde
Roz Wei Flag 2.png
Roz Wei
Imperium of Man Flag.png
Imperium of Man
Nordic Sea Raiders Flag.png
Nordic Sea Raiders
House Stark Second Flag.jpg
House Stark
Ragnarok Flag.jpg
Western Union Flag.png
Western Union
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png
The Fighting Pacifists
Principality of Zeon Flag 2.png
Principality of Zeon


Black Knights Flag.png Leo the Great
Cornerstone Flag.png Aristide
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag.png Seeker
New Pacific Order War Flag.png Roquentin
Acadia Flag 2.jpg TheNG
United Purple Nations Flag.png Matt2004
Polaris War Flag.png AlmightyGrub
Order of the White Rose New Flag.png Sval Surrendered
The United Empire of Zah'Aharon Flag.png Therana Athulis
The United Empire of Zah'Aharon Flag.png Alexia
Cerberus Flag.png NoOne Surrendered
Horsemen Flag.png Death Surrendered
Horsemen Flag.png Raoul Duke Surrendered
WildFire Flag.png Banned
Atlas Flag.png Epimetheus Surrendered
Orange Defense Network Flag.png OsRavan
Pirate Sheep Flag.png Telly Surrendered
Kingsmen Flag.png Sean Anthony Surrendered
Cobra Kai Dojo Flag.png Betulius
Hate Machine Flag.jpg Jodo

Knights Templar Flag.jpg Theodosius
Durmstrang Flag.png Seb
Seven Kingdoms War Flag.png Brooklyn666
Bad Company Flag 2.png Baronus
Bad Company Flag 2.png Alexio15
Bad Company Flag 2.png Demonspawn
Rose Flag.jpg Dynamic
Rose Flag.jpg DtC Justice
Advanced Idea Mechanics War Flag.jpg Bezzers
The Golden Horde Flag.png Buorhann
Roz Wei Flag 2.png Rozalia
Imperium of Man Flag.png Arnout
Imperium of Man Flag.png DragonK
Nordic Sea Raiders Flag.png Leif Erikson
House Stark Second Flag.jpg Zygon
Ragnarok Flag.jpg Jeremy Graham
Western Union Flag.png Valkorion Baratheon
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Quichwe10
Principality of Zeon Flag 2.png Zhen

1,381,756.25 Score
882 Nations
1,509,931.38 Score
531 Nations
Casualties and losses
166.23 Billion Dollars 93.59 Billion Dollars
  • Cerberus was annexed by Imperium of Man on March 22, 2018.
  • Damage totals include value of infra, units and loot lost, minus loot gained.

The Ayyslamic Crusade was a global conflict which began on March 18, 2018 when Black Knights, New Pacific Order, and Guardians of the Galaxy declared war on Knights Templar. Following the attack on KT, many alliances began declaring on The Inquisition bloc and aligned alliances. This war brought an end to the longest period of global peace in Orbis history, lasting 290 days since the previous global war, The Trail of Tiers. The war came to an end on April 18, 2018 when both sides agreed to white peace.


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