Avansies' Final Defense
Casus belli Democratic republic of Anich declares a raid on the nation of Easteros. Young Guilo comes to the decision that if Avansies cannot defend one of their own then they are destined for failure.
Status Finished
Avansies Black Knights

Some Knights Radiant


Young Guilo


Casualties and losses

106k Soldiers, 1250 Tanks, 675 infra lost

Black Knights:

95k Soldiers, 1200 tanks, 450 infra lost

"An alliance must be able to protect itself. After an attack from Black Knights, Avansies has responded. Young Guilo has made it clear. If Avansies cannot protect itself, then it shouldn't exists" - Yung Guilo

Avansies Final Defense was a minor brawl between the Black Knights and some Knights Radiant members against Avansies. The brawl ended on December 1 with the eventual Avansies disbandment and defeat.

Background Edit

Avansies had gone through two protectors prior to the attack, Roz Wei and New Pacific Order. With both alliances failing to protect Avansies' in their times of need Young Guilo proclaimed that they would not be getting a new protector. Since then there have been 4 attacks on Avansies, all of which were crushed.

Black Knights by way of Tyler from the country "Democratic Republic of Anich" authorized a raid against Avansies. After speaking to Tyler and getting nowhere, YG brought it up to Black Knight's chief of Foreign Affairs, DVDCHNN. Young Guilo's lack of grace with words was met with the crushing phrase "I have no time for you".[Citation needed]

Time Line Edit


Easteros is attacked by Tyler.

Young Guilo attempts to end the war via messaging Tyler.

11/30/16 AM:

Young Guilo attempts to end the war by messaging DVDCHNN

Young Guilo and Hugh Janus join together to attack Black Knights

11/30/16 PM:

The Roanoke Empire proclaims it will help Avansies

Young Guilo removes 5 members for inactivity or safety, 2 of those members join new alliances.

Black Knights rapidly militarize the lower tiers, some nations's scores are increased by 50% or more

12/1/16 AM:

Knights Radiant declares war on Avansies to favor Black Knights, with the fresh wave of attackers Young Guilo and Hugh Janus lose all of their military

12/1/16 PM:

With no military and no resources, Young Guilo fully disbands Avansies, it's alliance bank sent to Black Knights (Totaling around $20M)

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