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Part of the Alliance Wars
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Date November 27, 2018
Casus belli Ragnarok supports Sean Anthony's Coup
Camelot Pyrrhic Victory
  • Ragnarok Surrenders
  • ESA collapses
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Ask Alexio
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Micro Management

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The Institution
The Eastern States of America

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Ragnarok (2nd)
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The Institution
The Eastern States of America


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CamelotFlag Updated.png Epimetheus
CamelotFlag Updated.png The Shadow
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The Institution.png Joseph V Stalin
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The Institution.png Joseph V Stalin
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The Protectorate Shuffle was a war fought within the unofficial Avalon Protection Sphere. The conflict began after Sean Anthony the leader of Eastern States of America was removed from the alliance by his heir, the coup was led by Ragnarok with support from The Institution.

Camelot intervened quickly thereafter, retracting protectorate status from Eastern States of America, Ragnarok and The Institution. Epimetheus conducted outreach to the governments of each alliance and facilitated peace talks but these broke down.

Ragnarok and The Institution entered hostilities against Camelot after they assisted in restoring the rightful government of Eastern States of America. Camelot decisively won the conflict within a day.

Peace Terms

The Institution accepted white peace after their military units were destroyed. Ragnarok agreed to apologize to Eastern States of America, change their flag to that of the Eastern States of America, include 'Sorry Sean' in their nation description and pay 55 million as reparations to Eastern States of America. Both The Institution and Ragnarok agreed not to attack or otherwise harm Eastern States of America in the near future.


The war would be a pyrrhic victory for Camelot. While Ragnarok did surrender, Eastern States of America would still disband and the MinesomeMC would continue to form alliances such as Golden Phoenix Coalition (4th), Golden Phoenix Coalition (5th), and Prima Victoria regardless of the surrender agreement.


Camelot defended Eastern States of America out of loyalty and decency but after the conflict terminated their protectorate agreement. Sean Anthony was too much trouble to keep protecting.

Likewise, MinesomeMC publicly reneged on a condition of his protectorate agreement: That as a someone who has made many alliances he would make Ragnarok his final home. Given he was the instigator of this conflict it is not surprising this treaty was cancelled. Ragnarok was also implicated in a plot to coup Diomedes the leader of Argos and Fezza the leader of Sirius, neither were proven.

The Institution would be the only alliance to keep its protectorate with Camelot as a result of its commitment to diplomacy. Though they would later be cancelled for not meeting growth requirements.


  • November, 2018 - Sean Anthony is removed as leader of Eastern States of America
  • November, 2018 - Camelot cancels its protectorates with Eastern States of America, The Institution and Ragnarok.
  • November 27, 2018 - Camelot enters the conflict
  • November 27, 2018 - The Institution accepts peace with Camelot.
  • November 28, 2018 - Ragnarok's surrender and apology