Part of the Alliance Wars
Date November 27, 2018
Casus belli Ragnarok supports Sean Anthony's Coup
Preceded by
Ask Alexio
Succeeded by
Micro Management

Camelot Flag
The Institution
The Institution

Ragnarok Flag
Ragnarok (2nd)


Camelot Flag Arthur 1
Camelot Flag The Shadow
Camelot Flag Bill Rice
Camelot Flag Sean Anthony
The Institution Joseph V Stalin

Ragnarok Flag MinesomeMC
Ragnarok Flag Deulos
Ragnarok Flag ArthurGP
Ragnarok Flag Derpy Duck

79,221.66 Score
69 Nations
10,306 Score
9 Nations
Avalonche was a war fought by former members of the Avalon Protection Sphere over the coup of Sean Anthony in the Eastern States of America. The coup was mostly supported by Ragnarok, with some support from The Institution. After the coup had occurred, Ragnarok, ESA, and tIN were offered to keep their protection status under Camelot if they merged into it. This, however, didn't happen as both sides had disagreements. The Institution would be the only one to keep its protection. Camelot, with the assistance of The Institution, would later declare war on Ragnarok.


The war quickly came to an end with Ragnarok agreeing to apologize, change it's flag to the ESA flag, include "Sorry Sean" in their alliance description, pay $55 million, etc.


Ragnarok's Surrender Apology


Camelot had previously threatened to roll Ragnarok, however, MinesomeMC and Epimetheus, along with the assistance of Roman von Ungern (also known as KobraKommander), made a deal where Ragnarok would only lose protection without getting rolled if MinesomeMC didn't leave Ragnarok at any time. Regardless of the agreement, Ragnarok would still get rolled by Camelot.

Rumors were also spreading that MinesomeMC was planning to coup Diomedes from Argos and someone from Sirius.
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