Avalon Protection Sphere

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The Institution
The Institution
Eastern States of America

Treaty Type: MDP/Protectorate Bloc
Treaty Status: Defunct
Avalon Protection Sphere aka the 2nd Avalon was a Bloc made up of Camelot and it's 3 protectorates Ragnarok, The Institution, and the Eastern States of America . The bloc was disbanded due to disagreements among Rok and tIN against the ESA and Sean Anthony. Eventually a coup would occur putting Sean Anthony out of power, under the support of Ragnarok. This would be the end of the Avalon Protection Sphere and would start the short alliance war, Avalonche. tIN is the only protectorate left after the conflict.

Camelot's Position Edit

This Fandom page was not written by members of Camelot, instead by Minesome of Ragnarok. Beyond that, all the protectorates listed were eventually removed from our program due to a lack of development and too much focus on Foreign Affairs. From the context of this page, you may assume it was an attempt at a sphere, it was not.

The Commerce Union was the only protectorate to graduate into a full MDP ally from an extension of this program in 2019.

Tl;dr we don't consider this a bloc.
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