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Treaty Type: MDoAP Bloc
Treaty Signed: September 12, 2018
Treaty Status: Defunct
Avalon was a MDoAP Bloc formed on September 12, 2018 by Camelot, Typhon and Sunray 1-1. Disbanded late August 2018, made defunct by Sunray's merge into Camelot.


I Mutual Defense Edit

A direct attack on one signatory is considered an attack on all signatories.

In the event that one signatory comes under attack through providing military support to another ally engaged in an aggressive war, said signatory is not considered to be in a defensive war, and the response of the other signatories are not dictated by this section.

II Optional Aggression Edit

All member alliances shall reserve the right to support each other in an offensive campaign.

III Supremacy Edit

We agree this agreement shall take precedence over all others. We stand together in the shared security be any means. Information, aid, and diplomatic resources are all encouraged of each of member alliances. Our support for each other shall not be limited to a list. 

IV Sovereignty Edit

While unified, we remain sovereign.

Camelot, Sunray 1-1, and Typhon proudly present: Avalon

V Admission Edit

A prospective alliance may petition any signatory for membership. If sponsored, admittance will be a unanimous decision of the conclave.

VI Withdrawal Edit

Any signatory that wishes to leave Avalon after diplomatic measures have been exhausted will have 72 hours before nullification of the member agreement. Should a member violate the spirit of this accord, a unanimous vote may expel the offender.

Signed Edit


Signed for Camelot

King: Arthur

Wizard: TheShadow & Catman

The Dragon: Epi

Signed for Sunray 1-1

Admiral: Caboose, Michael K Ultra, & The Man Of The Shadows

Signed for Typhon

Commander: Zephyr, Tymoteusz, & Telly

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