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Basic Details
Founded 22 March 2018
Color Purple
Status Active
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First Explorer Kan0601
Second Explorer Ainz_Ooal_Gown
Chairmans REAL
Michal Aoun
Service Coordinators Zyenia
As of 5/29/2020
Total Nations 48
Score 75,627.15
Average Score 1,575.57
Alliance Rank 38
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP House Stark
MDoAP Order of the White Rose
MDoAP Church of Atom
MDoAP Pantheon
Protectorate NWSRFE

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2020

Aurora is a meritocratic based, and space-themed alliance located on the Purple Team.  

Aurora Charter Edit

The Aurora Charter outlines the duties, responsibilities of each government position, and general rules of the alliance. The latest charter was adopted on April 18th, 2019.

History Edit

Aurora was founded on March 22nd, 2018, by Maia and jack3top in the wake of the Zodiac-Black Knights merger.  

On October 16th, 2018, Randbeforetime succeeded jack3top as the leader of Aurora.  

Aurora is known to have a small, but active community while focusing on internal growth and development.  

Past Leaders Edit

First Man Age

  • Constellation Commander: Jack3top
  • Commander: Maia
  • Lieutenant Commanders: Count Wordsworth
  • Division Officers: Vacant
  • Division Officers: Vacant
  • Division Officers: Vacant
  • Division Officers: Vacant

Middle Ages

  • Constellation Commander: Randbeforetime
  • Commander: Real
  • Lieutenant Commanders: Vacant
  • Division Officers Jack3top
  • Division Officers: Carr
  • Division Officers: Y-Zard
  • Division Officers: Michal Aoun
  • Division Officers: Maia
  • Division Officers: Ainz_Ooal_Grown

After the War ("The New Age")

  • Governor "First Explorer": Randbeforetime
  • Right Hand of The First Explorer: Ainz_Ooal_Grown
  • Chairmans: Jack3top
  • Service Coordinator: Carr
  • Service Coordinator: Y-Zard
  • Service Coordinator: Michal Aoun
  • Service Coordinator: Maia
  • Service Coordinator: Kan0601

New Order

  • Governor "First Explorer": Randbeforetime
  • Right Hand of The First Explorer: Ainz_Ooal_Grown
  • Chairman of IA: Jack3top
  • Chairman of EA: Maia
  • Chairman of FA: Y-Zard
  • Chairman of MA: Kan0601
  • Service Coordinator IA: Michal Aoun
  • Service Coordinator EA: Carr

Golden Ages

  • First Explorer: Randbeforetime
  • Second Explorer: Ainz_Ooal_Grown
  • Third Explorer: Kan0601
  • Chairman of IA: Jack3top
  • Chairman of EA: REAL
  • Chairman of FA: Y-Zard
  • Chairman of MA: Vacant
  • Chairman of Academy: Michal Aoun
  • Service Coordinator IA: Vacant
  • Service Coordinator EA: Maia
  • Service Coordinator FA: Vacant
  • Service Coordinator MA: Kitov
  • Service Coordinator Academy: Vacant

Golden Ages (Gen 2.0)

  • First Explorer: Kan0601
  • Second Explorer: Ainz_Ooal_Grown
  • Chairman of IA: Y-Zard
  • Chairman of EA: REAL
  • Chairman of FA: Michal Aoun
  • Chairman of MA: Kitov
  • Chairman of Academy: Vacant
  • Service Coordinator of IA: Jack3top
  • Service Coordinator of EA: Zyenia
  • Service Coordinator of MA: Vacant
  • Service Coordinator of FA: Python
  • Service Coordinator of Academy: Tigeria

History of Aurora Edit

Jack3top and Maia used to be leaders of the great alliance called Zodiac. At some point of their career, they decided to step down from this position. Zodiac got a new leadership but Jack3top and Maia still took care of the alliance when it was necessary. But one day, a new leadership decided to merge to an allied alliance called Black Knights. It was decided (and mostly forced) by the gov rather than members who voted against the merge. Even though Jack3top and Maia were also against the merge, the decision was already made and Zodiac merged into Black Knights.

Jack3top and Maia became wanderers who couldn't find their own place in Orbis. With all this grief and disappointment consuming their souls they decided at some point there is no place on Orbis where they could feel better and that it was time to find a better place in Space. They created a space program called Aurora the goal of which was to explore the Galaxy and find the closest habitable planet to Orbis. The program lasted for 2 years until it was successfully completed when the Proxima Centauri c exoplanet was found. "We stopped being space wanderers and we finally found our home" retired Constellation Commander Jack3top claimed. "Finally our ship can go after 2 years of duty into her well-deserved retirement" Constellation Commander Randbeforetime claimed.

This is a new chapter in Aurora history where a new goal need to be set. "It's time to create a breathtaking city at Proxima Centauri c and time to create an empire!", Maia claimed.

After the NPO's last time Randbeforetime and Jack3top were looking to find a new leader who would continue Aurora's legacy and push Aurora back up to before the war. Maia and Kan0601 joined the Aurora right after the war ended their mission was to push Aurora back to the good old days. Maia was moved up to Service Co-Ordinator of MA and Kan0601 was moved to Service Co-Ordinator of IA. In 2-3 months Kan0601 was moved from Service Co of IA to Chairman of IA to Third Explore and finally arrived at First Explore the leader of Aurora. The Alliance has also grown from the original 60K score to 70K score!

Services Edit

There were formed several institiutions to improve life of Aurorians in Proxima Centauri c. There are four core Aurora's services which their existance is constant and can be only maintain be a government members. Leaders of these services are appointed as the Chairmans who have workers called Service Coordinators.

Any others types of services has only temprorary existance( will be shut down and opened again when it's needed) and can be maintain by any Aurorian. There are examples: private bank, newspaper etc.

4 Core Aurora's Services Edit


Community and Healthcare Service (IA):

maintains recruitment of new members and train them to become a full members of Aurorian Community. Organising gaming activities.

Business and Financial Operations Service (EA): maintains tax rates, loans and grants.

Military and Security Service (MA): contains several divisions to deal with threats quickly and successfully.

The Patrol Division: is the backbone of this Service and is the largest division within the Aurora. The primary purpose is to maintains counters upon raiders. Edit
Aurorian Space Marines: It's compulsory for any Aurorian to be part of this division during war and it's only active in that time. All combatants are awarderd with a special badge and special role at discord. Edit
Special Purpose Assault Team (SPAT): [classified] Edit

Communication and Foreign Relations Service (FA): maintains foreign alliances embassies whithin Aurora discord, keeping a good relations with current allies and creating new ones.

Official transmissions from CaFR ServiceEdit

From 29.02.2020 [1]

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