Auctor Appreciation Accords

New Pacific Order
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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 27 November 2019
Treaty Status: Active

Auctor Appreciation Accords is a MDoAP signed between the New Pacific Order and Alpha on 27 November 2019.

Preamble: Auctor's altar attracts admirers as Auctor always acts admirably. Auctor's aura actualizes alignments auspiciously.Edit

While Auctor and Alpha have not always seen eye to eye, they both appreciate quality posting and it's with great pleasure that we can unify once more.

Article I: Non-AggressionEdit

Neither the NPO nor Alpha will premeditate, declare, or prosecute war against the other signatory or an alliance to which a signatory is obligated to defend. Neither the NPO nor Alpha will spy upon each other

Article II: Communication and IntelligenceEdit

Should either Alpha or NPO come upon or gather intelligence that has a bearing on the affairs or security of the other signatory, that information must be made available to that other signatory.

Article III: Mutual Defense and Optional AggressionEdit

Both NPO and Alpha undertake to defend each other should either be subjected to aggression by an outside alliance. It is understood that an attack on one signatory is an attack on both signatories, and that the defense must be undertaken to the fullest capabilities of both signatories. Although not obligated, signatories are also encouraged to assist and coordinate with each other in the prosecution of offensive actions.

Article IV: CancellationEdit

Either signatory may, with cause or without, cancel this treaty freely provided that the cancelling party gives one hundred twenty hours notice.


Signed for AlphaEdit

Placentica, Driver
Boniver, Iron
Niklas, Iron

Signed for NPOEdit

Auctor, Auctor
Roquentin, Emperor
Keshav, Lord Commander (2IC)

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