Atlas Technologies

Flag of Atlas Technologies

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Basic Details
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Chairman Mad Max
Director of Investment Strategies [DIS] Jordan
Director of Safety Protocols [DSP] Parched_
Director of Mergers and Acquisitions [DMA] Tali
Director of Internal Communications [DIC] Chara
Manager of Competition Greg
Manager of Internal Communication Wholefoods
Manager of Internal Audits Domius
As of 06/29/2020
Total Nations 34
Score 58,248.72
Average Score 1,713.20
Alliance Rank 49
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protection Camelot

"Advancements for your future."

Atlas Technologies is an alliance themed as a corporate technology development company, based on the Lime color bloc. Atlas Technologies furthers the theme into reality by utilizing available API data for alliance management and to provide useful and interactive tools for all Staff within the alliance.

The Birth of Atlas Technologies Edit

Prior to the birth of Atlas Technologies, the Leadership team held positions in various other alliances, created alliances, and have played Politics & War or other similar nation simulation games. Shortly after the public downfall of IronFront, a now defunct alliance, a group of core members decided to create a new community that could be everything IronFront failed to be by grouping in new technology, experience, and knowledge into one focused mission. With that mission in mind, Atlas Technology was birthed on the 5th of March in the year 2020.

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