This alliance was annexed into Bad Company.  More information is available here.

Atlas is a Maroon alliance located in Greece based on Greek mythology and culture. Atlas was the result of a merger of the alliances Dragonstone & The United Nations of America on March 17th 2018.


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Basic Details
Founded March 17th 2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Maroon
Status Defunct
Titan of Afterthought- Epimetheus
Forethought- Forethought
Goddess of Wisdom (FA) Misty
Goddess of Fortune (Econ) Lils
God of Order (IA) Zach Horning
God of War (MA) Duy
As of 14th May 2018
Total Nations 45
Score 47,301.15
Average Score 1,051.14
Alliance Rank 30
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Elysium
ODP Ragnarok
ODP Husaria
Protectorate Aurora

Founding Edit

Atlas is the result of a merger so technically all members of UNA and DS were founders however there was a founding council that formatted the government and managed the merger.

Founders Edit

  • Epimetheus
  • King Dabs
  • Samuel Bates
  • Zach Horning
  • Duy
  • Andrew
  • Abigor/HDeffo
  • Dobby the Free Elf

Talks began on March 12th 2018. On March 17th the alliance Atlas was officially created and launched into Orbis. Atlas was born into fire as the next day the Ayyslamic Crusade began.

Events Edit

Merger Talks Begin - March 12th 2018

Founding - March 17th 2018

DoE and DoW - March 22nd 2018

ODP with Ragnarok - April 25th 2018

Protectorate with Aurora - May 9th 2018

MDP with Elysium - May 11th 2018

Mass raid by NSR and Arrgh - May 16th 2018

Responding blitz on NSR - May 23rd 2018

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