This alliance has disbanded as of Unknown. (Note: Alliance no longer exists.)

The Atlantic League of Commonwealths

Barbados Flag
Flag of The Atlantic League of Commonwealths

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Basic Details
Headquarters North America
Status Defunct
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

An alliance of peaceful commonwealths of all forms of government and economy. Headquartered in the Caribbean, the alliance is primarily of nations surrounding North America but also includes representatives from South America and the Indian Subcontinent.


The Atlantic League of Commonwealths is a league of Nation-States primarily in the Atlantic Region of old. The Leage is eaded by three Consuls and a Quorum of Representatives from each Nation-State. Each Nation-State must adhere to the philosophies of the Commonwealths while still holding onto it's own traditional government.

The League unanimously committed to peace and the protection both of each other as well as of unaligned states who seek only peaceful prosperity. "Never shall we agress, never shall we provoke, but always shall we defend."

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