Atlantian Council

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Flag of Atlantian Council

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Basic Details
Founded 05/18/20
Color Black
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Royal Crown Pockets, Karen theEnlightened
Heirs of the Ocean Rockychososo, Sonata Pizzicato
Dragon of the Sea sir bob, Unal
As of 3/1/2021
Total Nations 40
Score 54,329.83
Average Score 1,358.25
Alliance Rank 58
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Aurora
Protectorate Taith
MDoAP Mandalore
MDoAP Pantheon
NAP Black Skies
NAP Nuka-Cola Bottling Company
NAP Dual Suns
NAP Dragon Confederacy

On May 18, 2020 the Atlantian Council was born. Despite the rocky start, they have slowly climbed their way to make a difference in the Politics and War community. You should totally join! Atlantian Council is nuclear capable!

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Atlantian Council Flag.jpg

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