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Treaty Type: Protectorate Treaty
Treaty Signed: November 20, 2017
Treaty Terminated: February 13, 2018
Treaty Status: Defunct

Assassin's Creed, With $5 Loot Boxes and Season Pass Not Included is a joint Protectorate Treaty between Assassin Order, and it's protectors, New Pacific Order and Polaris.

Article 1: Non-Aggression

The undersigned parties agree that no military actions should be taken against Assassin Order by any signatory of this treaty, nor should Assassin Order take action against NPO or Polaris.

Article 2: Intelligence Sharing

Should a signatory learn of impending action against another signatory, said signatory is obligated to tell the other party as soon as reasonably possible.

Article 3: Protection

The New Pacific Order and Polaris mutually agree to pledge protection for Assassin Order against raiders and unwarranted warfare.

Article 4: Withdrawal

Should a signatory wish to withdraw from this treaty, they must inform the other signatory 72 hours in advance of their withdrawal, at which time they are released from the above obligations. The New Pacific Order and Polaris agree that if either of them should leave this treaty, the other will automatically do the same.


Signed for Assassin Order

Kastor, Mentor
Penguin, Master Assassin

Signed for New Pacific Order

Roquentin, Emperor
Auctor, Imperial Officer
Prince Henry, Imperial Officer
Keshav, Legate

Signed for Polaris

AlmightyGrub - Emperor of Polaris
WSxPhoenix - Minister of Truth
Kriegskoenig - Minister of Peace
Pentix - Minister of Plenty
Featherine - Minister of Love

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