Ask Alexio
Date Nov 17, 2018 - Dec 19, 2018
Duration: 32 Days
Casus belli Leaking of classified information
Result Bad Company surrenders to The Inquisition
Preceded by
A Tale Of Two Vanguards
The Inquisition Flag
The Inquisition

New Pacific Order War Flag
New Pacific Order
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag
Guardians of the Galaxy

Acadia Flag 2
Oblivion Second Flag
Goon Squad Flag
Goon Squad
Camelot Flag
Arrgh Flag
Ragnarok Flag
Ragnarok (2nd)

Bad Company Flag 2
Bad Company
Paradise Flag

The Island Flag
The Island Animation Domination Flag
Animation Domination Rough Riders Flag
Rough Riders

The Underground Flag
The Underground


New Pacific Order War Flag Roquentin
Black Knights Flag The Mad Titan
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag Seeker
Acadia Flag 2 TheNG
Acadia Flag 2 George Clooney
Oblivion Second Flag Park
Goon Squad Flag Xonera
Goon Squad Flag Unlimited
Camelot Flag Arthur 1
Arrgh Flag Bluebear
Ragnarok Flag MinesomeMC

Bad Company Flag 2 Alexio15
Bad Company Flag 2 DemonSpawn
The Island Flag Hahiha
The Island Flag Mad Max
The Island Flag Natalia Poklonskaya
Animation Domination Flag El_Barto666
Rough Riders Flag Tom Riddle
The Underground Flag RightHonorable

941,286.69 Score
395 Nations
128,633.92 Score
55 Nations
Casualties and losses
15.4 Billion Dollars
50.4 Billion Dollars
  • Damage totals include units, infrastructure, loot lost and resources used.

Ask Alexio was a conflict that broke out on November 17th, 2018, not long after Bad Company withdrew its membership from The Vanguard bloc.

Announcements & Events

November 15, 2018

November 17, 2018:

November 18, 2018:

November 20, 2018:

  • Oblivion and Arrgh attack Animation Domination
  • Goon Squad attacks Rough Riders

November 21, 2018:

December 9, 2018:

December 19, 2018:

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