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Arrgh lmao War
Part of the Arrgh Raids
Date 10-20 November 2017
Casus belli Arrgh raids on BK leadership
Result Status quo ante bellum
Preceded by
Oblivion-Zeon War
Red Wedding
Succeeded by
The Nothining
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Black Knights
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Arrgh Red Flag.png Ripper

114 nations
170,830.10 score
68 nations
77,516.68 score

The Arrgh lmao War was a war between the Black Knights and Arrgh which began on November 10, 2017 following raids by Arrgh on a BK government member. The conflict continued for about two rounds before devolving back to the status quo of only raid countering.


Arrgh and Black Knights have had numerous skirmishes in the months following The Trail of Tiers, with raids and counters occurring constantly throughout this period. On November 10, 2017, 3 of Arrgh's upper tier nations declared 6 wars on 3 Black Knights upper tier nations, including their Archduke of Defense. Following this, BK approached Arrgh and formally declared war due to the attacks on their government and active nations.

BK quickly organized a large scale counter assault on Arrgh nations including wars and spy attacks. On the first day, BK declared 25 wars while Arrgh retaliated with 12 additional wars on top of their original 6. Over the next several days BK declared 30 more wars on Arrgh while Arrgh retaliated with 17 more. Following these wars expiring, the conflict mostly teetered out and returned to the pre-war status quo between the two alliances.

Effect on the Red Wedding conflict

Main article: Red Wedding

BK's initial retaliation on Arrgh ended up ruining a planned offensive on Arrgh by Ragnarok and Lordran who wished to hit them for their actions in the Red Wedding. Both alliances continued with a much smaller than planned attack due to slots being taken up by BK.

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