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Arrgh War on Crime
Part of the Arrgh Raids
Date 2 May - early May 2015
Casus belli Crime Syndicate raiding alliances under Arrgh protection
Result Crime Syndicate ceases attacks on alliances under Arrgh protection
Preceded by
Mensa-SI War
Succeeded by
Justice Department War on Piracy
Crime Syndicate

Arrgh.png Ogaden

CrimeSyndicate.gif Oppilan

The Arrgh War on Crime was a conflict that began on the May 2, 2015 when Arrgh declared war on the Crime Syndicate who had previously launched raids on alliances with Arrgh protection contracts. After having wars declared on them, numerous Crime Syndicate nations quickly fled to vacation mode. The war lasted for a short time until Arrgh neutralized Crime Syndicate and they ceased attacks on Arrgh enterprises.


After forming, the Crime Syndicate began raiding the lower tiers of many alliances. This led to them being unpopular and caused many to voice support for Arrgh's declaration.

Ogaden's Lessons

Throughout the war declaration topic, Ogaden posted various lessons to Crime Syndicate nations as they were being neutralized.

  • Lesson 1: Having a nation that's just a big army base can backfire if you run out of money and you're blockaded
  • Lesson 2: I can still missile you even if you're in vacation mode
  • Lesson 3: Launching missiles is never a waste of money

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