Arrgh's Great Boogaloo
Part of the Arrgh Raids
image by MinesomeMC
Date June 14th, - June 17, 2020
Casus belli That booty
Status Ended
Preceded by
Umbrella War
Succeeded by
Minesome's Madness

Arrgh Flag

Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo
The Livonian Confederation


Arrgh Flag Zim

COTHB Flag II Jack Rackham
COTHB Flag II Kermit the Frog
TLC Robert E Lee

Arrgh Flag 92,161.45
COTHB Flag II 42,643.29

TLC 4,278.28

Arrgh's Great Boogaloo is a large scale raid that began on June 14th, 2020; when Arrgh launched a large number of attacks on Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo.

House Stark is an O-level ally of both Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo.

Initial Blitz: Crusader of Holy Boogaloo had a bunch of defensive war slots, 4. And the CHB has fallen below 50% planes as of June 15th, 2020

IMPORTANT: This is a message from Arrgh. You losers need to stop adding bogus information to this page. If u want facts just ask us and dont just throw in your stupid ideas. If u dont know anything just shut up and move along.

Thank you.

Timeline Edit

June 14th, 2020

  • Arrgh launches several attacks on CHB. 

June 15th, 2020

  • The Imperium launches several attacks on CHB and The Livonian Confederation.

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