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Armenia's Revenge
Part of the Great Wars
Date Dec 11, 2021 - Dec 19, 2021

(Duration: 8 Days)

Casus belli
  • Oasis: Clock plans to hit Mystery Inc
  • BlackWater + Clock Bloc: the MysOasis treaty
  • White Peace
Preceded by
The Divine Divide
The Spillover
Succeeded by
Rick's Last Roll

Clock Flag.jpg


Aurora Flag.png
Eclipse Flag.gif
Terminus Est Flag.png
Terminus Est
Weebunism FlagV2.png


HoF flag.png
The Hand of Fate



The Syndicate Flag.png
The Syndicate
The Legion

Nexus Flag.png

House Stark Second Flag.jpg
House Stark
CTO Commie Flag.png
Order of the White Rose Flag 20211105.png
Order of the White Rose

SV flag.png
Sunray Victoria
Dead Rabbits flag.jpg
The Dead Rabbits
Tojo HQ
Divine Phoenix Empire
Waffle House Flag.png
Waffle House
Flag of the USSR.png

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

ArmeniaM Flag.png



The Immortals Flag.png
The Immortals
San Marino Flag.png
The Fighting Pacifists
United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations
The Wei flag.png
The Wei

Dark Brotherhood Flag.png
Dark Brotherhood
Mystery Inc

Fark Flag.jpg
The Ampersand Flag.jpg
The Ampersand
The Commonwealth Flag.jpg
The Commonwealth
GATO Flag.png
Global Alliance Treaty Organization

Black Skies.jpg
Black Skies
Rothschild Family Flag.png
Rothschild Family
USN flag.png
United Socialist Nations

The United Armies

The Federation
Goon Squad Flag.jpg
Goon Squad
UL.png Unforgiven Legion
The Dominion Flag.png
The Dominion
SD flag.png
Solaris Directorate
IKEA flag.jpg
Strickland Propane.png
Strickland Propane
United Ummah Flag.gif
United Ummah
The Cosmic Entente
GallowGlass flag.jpg
Winter Flag.png
UCR Flag.png
United Commerce Republic
Titanio allianceflag.png


Aurora Flag.png Kan0601
Aurora Flag.png George Putin
CataclysmFlag.jpg Decagon
CataclysmFlag.jpg Tigerfire
Eclipse Flag.gif Pascal
Eclipse Flag.gif Vein
Eclipse Flag.gif Patrick Stewart
Terminus Est Flag.png Sphinx
Weebunism FlagV2.png Empiur
Weebunism FlagV2.png Baam
Weebunism FlagV2.png Anri
HoF flag.png Horsecock
HoF flag.png Ducc Zucc
The Syndicate Flag.png Agent W
The Syndicate Flag.png Gray
The Syndicate Flag.png Justin076
The Syndicate Flag.png Lucas
The Legion Flag.png totem
House Stark Second Flag.jpg Zygon
CTO Commie Flag.png Daveth
CTO Commie Flag.png Krampus
Order of the White Rose Flag 20211105.png Sval
SV flag.png MinesomeMC
SV flag.png Jack Rackham
SV flag.png Kermit the Frog
SV flag.png Anime Guy
Dead Rabbits flag.jpg Jax Teller
Dead Rabbits flag.jpg Tautem
TojoWarFlag.png Goro Majima
TojoWarFlag.png Isjaki
TojoWarFlag.png Evernt
Phoenix.jpeg JadenStar10
Waffle House Flag.png Duncan Croford
Waffle House Flag.png Jacob Apple
ArmeniaM Flag.png Liberty

The Immortals Flag.png Tyrion Lannister
San Marino Flag.png Oriarrow
San Marino Flag.png The Professor
San Marino Flag.png Velyni Vas
United Purple Nations Flag.png Hansarius
The Wei flag.png James XVI
The Wei flag.png Boris Underground
Dark Brotherhood Flag.png General Jon
Dark Brotherhood Flag.png Yoda
Fark Flag.jpg Bozzie
Fark Flag.jpg RhealLuhb
Fark Flag.jpg Kitschie
The Ampersand Flag.jpg HannaH
The Ampersand Flag.jpg Kiloist II
The Commonwealth Flag.jpg RightHonorable
GATO Flag.png Greywall
Black Skies.jpg germain
Black Skies.jpg Silver_
Rothschild Family Flag.png Blackbird
USN flag.png DarVolt
USN flag.png Matrix
UA.png Sir Carlo
Federation.png Kosta
Goon Squad Flag.jpg Unlimited
Goon Squad Flag.jpg Xonera
UL.png Drekkza
UL.png Rex Tyranus
UL.png Austin TX
The Dominion Flag.png Agathor
SD flag.png Xavior Travers
IKEA flag.jpg Drakdodare
IKEA flag.jpg Derkic Sawh
Strickland Propane.png Razgriz24
United Ummah Flag.gif HaxBaba
TCE.png Just John
GallowGlass flag.jpg Daniel O Connell
Winter Flag.png Uriah the Fox
UCR Flag.png Kru
Titanio allianceflag.png Damon I

Casualties and losses
Total Damage: $230,780,478,033.65 Total Damage: $465,825,651,616.79
Casualties recorded by the P&W Stats server through Locutus. Updated on 1/2/2022.

Armenia's Revenge, also known as Clock and Ball Torture or Global War 20, is a Great War that begun when BlackWater and Clock blitzed Mystery Inc. & Oasis, also referred to as MysOasis, due to an MDP agreement. Coincidentally, Oasis blitzed Clock on the same day and same time Clock and BlackWater blitzed MysOasis. The war concluded with a white peace at server update on the 19th of December, just 8 days after the beginning of the war making Global War 20 the shortest Global War in Orbis history. The reasoning for the extremely short war may be attributed to Clock's plans to blitz Rose which they did approximately 20 minutes after the white peace came into effect starting Rick's Last Roll.

War Loss.png