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Arasaka Corporation

Arasakalogo.png Flag of Arasaka Corporation

Member State of The Federation
Basic Information
Founded 12.02.2019
Color Red
National Statistics
Government Type Oligarchy.png Oligarchy
Social Policies Moderate.png Moderate
Economic Policies Moderate.png Moderate
Economy Moderate.png Moderate
Pollution 30%
Currency Bitcoin
GDP $6,128,591,478.00
Civilians 5,549,517
Avg. Pop. Density 110.99 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Arasaka Security Force
Nation Rank #1,216
Score 3,655.00
Infantry 300.000
National Capital Tokyo,Japan

Arasaka is a Japanese Origin multi-national conglomerate that is primarily a manufacturing giant that includes weapons , cybernetics and computers. The company also offers private security through A.S.C ( Arasaka Security Consultant ) and banking along other home service appliances. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan , Arasaka quickly grew to 20 locations worldwide in North America, S. America , Europe and Asia , with a new location being planned in S. Africa later this year . Founded in 2019 by Saburo Arasaka , Arasaka was the 7th Largest Oil company in Asia which quickly expanded into other ventures . During which it became large enough in 2020 that it was recognized by The Federation to be let into the Alliance and therefore became the only Corporation to be admitted into a Military Alliance.

Security and Manufacturing compromises a large part of Arasaka's assets becoming the only corporation in Orbis to have a "Military" rivaling other nation states. 50% of all Arasaka's Security sector exports include small arms and smart gun technology. The Federation in turn receives 90% of all it's oil from Arasaka alone. As of September 3rd , 2021 , Arasaka has grossed over 1 billion in revenue and is looks to expand into South Africa , possibly Johannesburg.


In 1944 foreseeing the defeat of Japan , Aburo Arasaka the head of Kendo Holdings, began to move his assets to offshore accounts in Switzerland and Argentina and began to effectively liquidate his assets in the hopes that if the collapse of the Japanese government happened after an invasion his personal riches would not be taken by the Allies. His son Saburo was named his successor and created a dummy corp called Arasaka Electronics to funnel the remaining assets .

By 1995 Arasaka had become the biggest Oil exporter in Japan with facilities all over the Persian Gulf and holding a considerable stake in Kuwait , Qatar and Iraq. The amount of revenue from these ventures and hugely popular Saitou OS system put Arasaka at the forefront in Japan and South America where a majority of it's electronic factories were located. The US market was slowly beginning to accept Arasaka products after a disastrous short lived automotive line of Arasaka cars put off many American consumers.

After admittance into The Federation on February 13th 2020 at the urging of new CEO Bismark , Arasaka's A.S.C operations have doubled with membership loans and perks. Which more than doubled the locations of Arasaka centers globally, marking Arasaka as the most successful corporations in Orbis.


The Arasaka Corporation is run like any muli-national conglomerate run by a Board of Directors. The CEO is at the head followed by four directors, The marketing director , human resources director , security director , and the Chief Financial Officer. Every office is run by a Branch Manager which report to the board, who in turn are checked by the Board of Investors, 6 of the chief investors of Arasaka.

Foreign Relations

Arasaka does not have traditional embassies in other countries as they are a corporation but the individual headquarters in different countries in recent years have acted as such, where branch managers have usually brokered deals (at the approval from the board) to governments in forms of a contract , usually military.


The Arasaka Corporation does not have a standing Military but offers Private Security Consulting in the form of their Security division A.S.C. Many critics have accused Arasaka of being war profiteers , usually signing contracts in war torn countries, collecting their cut with the victors of the war, and brutally collecting on debtors , most recently the Freetown Incident , in which the Sierra Leone civil war was raging , several Arasaka agents were seen brutally repressing the civilians of Free Town after eliminating the R.U.F. at the urging of the government, which has caused many to question if corporations in security consulting operate outside the Geneva convention's rules and regulations in war. Currently Arasaka maintains 300.000 Security Personnel and 5000 APC tanks and scout vehicles, with over 900 aircraft, the most of 89% of nations able to field a military, although 75% are commercial craft.

Arasaka has involved in 3 major orbis conflicts since joining the Federation which include The Ten-Day War , Duck Hunt and even was promoted to Head Marshal of the Royal Federation Army during A Swampy Situation war.