Arab-Italian War of 2001
Call of Duty Black Ops III Anime-Style
Britannian Soldier fires on Arab Soldiers in Venice
Date January 10, 2001 - October 27, 2001
Casus belli Arab Aggression
Status Ended
Holy Britannian Empire Flag Britannia

The Vatican


Taliban FlagArabia

Holy Britannian Empire Flag Lelouch Vi Britannia

Pope Francis

Persie General

Taliban Flag Abu Haddad

Holy Britannian Empire Flag 100 Avalon-Class Jets

Vatican: 15,000 Soldiers and 50 Tanks

Persie: 10 Ships

Taliban Flag 40,000
Casualties and losses
5,000 20,000
The Arab-Italian War of 2001 was comprised of two separate conflicts, first being The Arab Liberation Front vs Arabia, and the second being the united forces of Britannia, Persie, and The Vatican attacking Arabia's foothold in Southern Italy.

War of Italy Edit

January 10, 2001 marked the beginning of tensions, and began the domino effect that would span over nearly an entire year. Caliphate Abu Haddad had unlawfully annexed the land known as Italy. Without regard for the already present Vatican State, this quickly triggered a conflict between the Vatican and Arabia, and very soon, Persie and The Holy Britannian Empire were in all out war. Peace-talks began when multiple cities were damaged and it was agreed upon that North Italy would belong to Britannia the islands to Persie, the middle to the Vatican and the "foot" to Arabia. A war had ended, the date was somewhere in April, 2001.

War of South ItalyEdit

September 20, 2001 resumed conflict, it was this day that the Brittish Empire led by Moreau III laid naval seige to Venice, and Britannians had to act quickly, losing much of the city. The Emperor Of Britannia quickly summoned a meeting, and one month later on October 27, 2001 South Italy was blitzed and annexed by the Vatican.


After the T-Virus Crisis Italy was given up, and with lots of map changes, Britannia was the last nation to have Italy, and to this day, North Italy although much smaller, still remains under control of Britannia.

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