Approval Rating is a statistic indicating how well you are received by your people. It is a point-based system represented as a percentage, between 0 and 100%. The actual points behind the approval rating can vary from infinitely negative, to infinitely positive. If your Approval Rating points are less than 0, your rating is represented as 0%. Should they exceed 100, it is represented as 100%. The Approval Rating does not affect your nation in any way.

What Affects Approval Rating?

Various actions can increase or decrease your Approval Rating, which may also increase or decrease by some amount automatically every turn due to specific characteristis of your nation.

Action Based Factors

Declaring a War -5
Winning a War +8
Losing a War -5
Having War Declared on Your Nation -3
Having a Failed Espionage Operation -5
Having a Successful, but Exposed Espionage Operation -3
Someone Else has a Successful Espionage Operation on Your Nation -5
Someone Else has a Failed Espionage Operation on Your Nation +2
Building a New City +5
Building a New National Project +5

Turn Based Factors

Base Increase 0.025
Population Density (150 - Your Population Density) * 0.001
Pollution - (Your Pollution) * 0.0001
Unable to Pay Expenses -0.5
Out of Food -0.5
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