The Appell-class Guided Missile Battlecruiser is the newest warship in the United Republic Federation. Bulit in Allied Shipyards with Armed Company's weapon assistance, they was able to create five ships in the class.

These Battlecruisers served as frontline, anti-ship, support warship. Commissioned on June 1, 2028, these ships were used as Flagships of smaller Task Forces, expanding the U.R.F. Navy's capabilities and range.

Because of the increase capabilities, two of the five ships are outfitted with hangers for 2 VTOL fighters like the Harrier Jump Jet or SIF/A-45N Interceptors. This makes them more useful for Interception or Air Support missions, making them a primary target.

But along with additional facilities, they have a wide range of weaponry. From Anti-Air to Anti-Surface combat, these ships can easily overrun a powerful Battlecruiser like the Kirvo-class Cruiser.

Design Edit

The ship is designed with an Aegis System, like the Hobart-class Destroyers. The difference between the usual Aegis System is that it's more updated, making them more capable to take on more targets. The ship was designed from a Type 55 Destroyer, but was enlarged to add more weapons and a larger gun on them.

The guns on the warships are designed with a heavy cailber, the shells for them carries a laser guided system. This ensures a direct hit on any target, but they can be expensive. They cost about $210,000 each. Which can only make each ship to have 70 shells each, which can be enough for long seiges.

The Missile Launchers were installed at first for anti-air and anti-missile defense, but was soon given an ability to engage enemy ships and ground forces. The range adds an addition advantage as the ship can be 120 miles from the combat zone, far enough from enemy artillery.

This warship is planned to replaced all the Cruisers in Republic Federation Navy's fleet. URFS Appell was commissioned in early 2027, making the first ship to possibly replace some of Kresta-class Cruisers.

Operational History Edit

Around late 2028, the lead ship of the class, RFS Appell, was deployed on an all-out offensive on Sectron. The ship bombard the city as R.F. Forces pushed into the city, the ship even destroyed any chance of Rebel escaped.

Around June 2029, three Battlecruisers docked in one of Abrizhou's ports. The ships were there as part of a Task Force waiting for an dual exercise, They were tested to see how good they are against smaller more unique combat ships.

On February 2030, the two of the five ships were deployed in a military operation against Radiant. As part of the 65 ship Task Force, the Battlecruisers were tested in combat against other warships. Sinking about 6 out of 17 ships that was destroyed.

As of April 2030, one ship is docked, two are in the Pacific, one is in West Africa, and the last one is underway from Ulster to Samoa.

On September 3rd, 2033, RFS T-Sharp and Rogers are deployed with Light Carrier, Assault, and Fleet Carrier ,Politics; engaging Abrizhouian Warships during the West African War. The two Battlecruisers bombard the Abrizhouian Destroyers, then began using missiles to bombard positions near the capital.

In 2035, the Appell-class Battlecruisers are active during the Federation-Quebec War, engaging the Imperial Quebecois Navy. Three stayed near the Homeland, four escorted Carrier and Invasion Groups to each objective, one stayed active in the Caribbean.

Ships in Class Edit

Appell-class Docked

BBG-02 (Top) and BBG-03 (Bottom) docking next to the Samoa Airfield

- Model 001: Battle/Carrier Hybrid Edit

Number # Ships Homeport
BBG-01 URFS Appell Ulster Docks, Grand Federation, United Republic Federations
BBG-02 URFS Young Samoa Ports, United Republic Federations
BBG-03 URFS T-Sharp Lagos Ports, Lagos Territory, United Republic Federations
BBG-04 URFS Rogers Ulster Docks, Grand Federation, United Republic Federations

- Model 002: Modified Gun Support Edit

Number # Ships Homeport
BBG-05 URFS D. Bri Allied Naval Yard, Sectron, United Republic Federations
BBG-06 URFS Scott Territory Port, Suriname, United Republic Federations
BBG-07 URFS Thomas Allied Dockyard, Sectron Province, United Republic Federations
BBG-08 URFS L. Gamble Saints Port, Saint Island Territory, United Republic Federations
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