The Appalachian People's Assembly is the governing body of the Appalachian People's Republic. It was setup post independence by the Appalachian Labor Party intended to be a multi party pluralist assembly instead of a dominant 2 party system.


The current parties represented in the People's Assembly from left to right are:

  1. Appalachian Labor Party (Democratic Socialism, Left wing Populism, Marxism)
  2. Communist Party of Appalachia (Marxist-Leninism, Socialist Patriotism, Anti-imperialism, Maoism)
  3. National-Liberal Party of Appalachian (Liberal Conservatism, Centrism, Nationalism)
  4. Conservative People's Party (Conservatism, Nationalism, Social Conservatism, Green Conservatism)

An election was held in 2021 and the ALP and the CPA retained their government super majority. With the Appalachian Liberal Party gaining a bigger share of the opposition vote.

The election of 2026 saw the Social Democratic wing of the ALP break off and govern in opposition to the ruling ALP/Communist coalition. The center right National Party and the centrist Liberal Party merged in order to create a broad opposition party to the ruling ALP. The Far-right People's Party lost a few seats. The result is a win for the ruling Labor/Communist coalition as the 2 parties voted to renew their government agreement.

Due to several wars elections were suspended in a national emergency agreed on by all parties. On January 2039 new elections were held. The results were ALP - 313, Communist - 55, Social Democratic - 15, National Liberal - 104, People's Party - 13, government support being pinned on the victory of the 2 wars as well as the quick reconstruction process and economic growth associated with it. The ALP and Communist Party agreed to renew their coalition agreement.

After another set of wars and the country's expulsion from the USN, elections were not called for until December of 2047. The result saw another victory for the ruling coalition. The Social Democratic Party lost all of their seats, and the Conservative People's Party entered Parliament for the first time. The APL and Communist Party have also entered talks into a possible merger of the 2 parties. The full results are: Appalachian Labor Party - 293 Communist - 70 National Liberal Party - 100 Conservative People's Party - 37

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