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Apocalypse Knights

Apocalypse Knights Flag
Flag of Apocalypse Knights

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Basic Details
Founded 01/11/2022
Color purple
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Primal Knights Based, A gaming yt
Apex Predators UnAir, Isadoa Seraphim, Carnage
The Four Horseman Darth Vader
The Titan Umar
EA Jack rondo, Demarcus Aurelius II, Horohito
As of 6/16/24
Total Nations 46
Score 117,694.21
Average Score 2,558.57
Alliance Rank 44
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
NAP Guardian
NAP Oblivion
ODoAP Agora
Protectorate Antarctica Alliance

Apocalypse Knights is a rebrand of Atlas Corporation originally founded by church and Commo. Atlas Corporation was founded as a merger between Providentia, the continuation of Gods of Orbis and Umbrella Corporation, a splinter of the Republic of Libertas which is itself a splinter of the Federated States of Orbis (Alliance).

Apocalypse Knights signed a protectorate treaty during May 2024 with Antarctica Alliance.

In June of 2024, the Antarctica Alliance came to the defense of the their allies, the Apocalypse Knights after an attack by Knights Templar and some members of Weaponized Assault Penguins. This conflict became known as Knight-on-Knight Violence.