Anthonian Republics Edit

The Anthonian Republics were the three nations once led by Anthony Lukas/MinesomeMC. Two of these nations have ceased to exist and one exists today.

Union of America Edit

The Union of America was the First Anthonian Republic. It existed before the Orbis Baseball League ever existed which was 2-3 years ago.

The Nation has its largest score of 100+. Up to One city and was based in North America. It was in the alliance Brotherhood of the Clouds. It died after inactivity for two months. It lasted 3-4 months.

West Hawaii Edit

West Hawaii aka the Second Anthonian Republic existed prior to the creation of OBL. This was about 1-2 years ago. The Nation also was the owner of the alliance "Federal union" which was a small alliance with the max of 6 members.

The Nation had its largest score of 150+. Had two cities and was based in North America on the islands of Hawaii. It was in the alliance of the Federal Union and an alliance that is unknown atm. It died after 1-2 months.

Polish Empire Edit

The Imperial Polish Empire is the Third Anthonian Republic. It was created on March 9, 2017. This was after the Silent War. The leader MinesomeMC is currently the Overseer of the alliance Vault 111.

The Nation had its largest score of 400+. The nation has 7 cities. The Nations was part of the alliance Ragnarok. It then created the alliance the Golden Phoenix Coalition, then it became the overseer (leader) of Vault 111. It is based in Europe and is the strongest Anthonian Republic. It's also the only Anthonian Republic in the Test Server.

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