Animal Control Crusade
Animal Control Banner
Date April 26-28, 2017
Casus belli Various including poaching, insults, money, and the Golden Phoenix-Animal War
Result White Peace
Preceded by
First Arrgh-Spectrum War
The Trail of Tiers
Succeeded by
Second Arrgh-Spectrum War

Knights Templar Flag
Knights Templar
Principality of Zeon Flag
Principality of Zeon
Arrgh Red Flag Arrgh


GPC Golden Phoenix Coalition

Animal Empire Flag

Animal Empire

Knights Templar Flag Thalmor
Principality of Zeon Flag Zhen
Arrgh Red Flag Bluebear
GPC MinesomeMC

Animal Empire Flag Catsby
Animal Empire Flag Charles Dave
Animal Empire Flag Janblu
Animal Empire Flag Lostmike
Animal Empire Flag Whiskers

119 members

116,963.87 score

13 members

9718.89 score

The Animal Control Crusade was a conflict which began on April 26, 2017 when the Knights Templar, Principality of Zeon, and Arrgh! jointly declared war on the Animal Empire, with funding and support from the Golden Phoenix Coalition. It ended with white peace after the first round of war but left the Animal Empire decimated dropping to only 7 nations and 2,339 score.

History Edit

The Knights declared war due to poaching and other insults, Zeon stated it was due to AE bullying other micros like the Golden Phoenix Coalition during the Golden Phoenix-Animal War, and Arrgh joined as mercenaries both for the money and due to deteriorating relations between the alliances. Due to score differences, KT mostly declared on the strongest AE nations while Zeon and Arrgh fought the rest. Prior the conflict, the Animal Empire was protected by the Knights Templar and Lordaeron. Both of these alliances dropped their protection prior to the war. Lordaeron, however, stated that, while they dropped the protection, they did not support or wish for the conflict to happen. The Golden Phoenix Coalition stated that it would support the War, but due to an ODP with the Animal Empire, it would only send money and resources to anyone fighting on the Anti-AE side.

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