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(The Federal Republic of) Andbia is an island dwelling nation in the Caribbean.



The Republic was formed in the summer of 2089 (7/2/23). It was originally a break-away group on the island of Inagua south of the Bahamas island chain. The military started with just a few thousand soldiers and 1 barrack. The first President was declared by the people of the island to be main supporter of the break-away, politician Skyler Knight along with William Marter as his vice president.

Early Wars and Alliances[]

In the early years from 2089 up until 2093 the leaders of the nation were set on creating their own alliance. The plan was a Yellow Bloc pirate alliance for smaller nations to grow. Plans fell through and for a few weeks the nation floated around in the Brotherhood Family alliance. After leaving the nation continued forth with its plans for an alliance. It was much too early for the nation to start an alliance and in only a few weeks a member of the alliance took control and most likely destroyed it after a few raids and the pull away of Andbian involvement. A few raids later Andbia would find itself in the Nations of Neutrality alliance with a crumbling economy.

N.o.N and Aqua War[]

After joining the N.o.N, Andbia would begin to rebuild. Slowly but surely the nations score grew up to 1,000. By this point there were people preparing for a major war. Espionage attacks took place on the Antarctica Alliance and its allies, one of these being the N.o.N. It was later discovered that The Coal Mine was behind these spy attacks and Antarctica declared a defensive war, starting the Aqua War. N.o.N would join the war early along with the Orbis Peace Organization. Andbia fought in 2 wars total before the larger conflict ended, winning one and losing the other. This resulted in Antarctica and allies being kicked off of Aqua, moving to Purple.

Antarctica and Modern Pursuits[]

After the Aqua War concluded, the N.o.N became an extension of the Antarctica Alliance. Andbia joined Antarctica along with all N.o.N nations. This was once more a reconstruction period within the Antarctica Alliance. Aside from a few wars, leadership changes and counters, Andbia remained fairly dormant all the way up until the recent Knight-on-Knight Violence, one of the micro wars of Casino Royale where Antarctica and its protectorate Apocalypse Knights countered Knights Templar after reports of spy attacks on Apocalypse Knights. Andbia won its war along with the rest of the alliance. More recently Antarctica has moved back to Aqua Trade Bloc.


Island Chain[]

Andbia's many islands reside on the island chain now by the name of Inagua, named for the indigenous tribes who previously lived on the island.

Mountains and Valleys[]

Andbia's highest mountain is Mt. Andbia, standing at 3987 m. high. Andbia's lowest point is the Valley of Knights at -78 m. in depth.

Presidential History[]

Skyler Knight - September 16 2089 - July 1 2098

Jesus Perez - July 2 2098 - March 2 2101

Vern Mathews - March 3 2101 - Present

Other Accomplishments[]

Trio-Tech Missiles[]

The Andbian military after many raids began testing with missiles. An idea is suggested by Air force Commander Parker Stearns to create a fragmenting bio-weapon, eventually evolving into a fragmenting missile. The idea is to cram 3 missiles into 1 giant shell of which splits apart to hit 3 different targets. Testing began in 2094 and began to launch into the Atlantic in 2096. In 2097 the first Trio-Tech missiles were commissioned. Each fragment is stored as its own weapon and are shelled together into one pod to be split from a main thruster. Use of the weapon in was is yet to come.