Anastasya Novoluniye (Анастасия Новолуние Anastasya Novoluniye), also known as Medea, is an Amenrian superheroine/super soldier in the Politics & War Roleplay Universe. She is a member of Nine Tails, an all-female team of Amenrian metahumans. Her partner is Lee Siyeon.

Background Edit

Having served the Soviet Union in WWII, Anastasya is almost as battle-hardened as her father. During WWIII, she stayed loyal to him and supported his rebellion against the evil vampires of Europe, being one of the few members of the House of Novoluniye to survive the WWIII.

Appearance Edit

Anastasya is a tall, slim, young woman with pale skin, long, straight, black, hair, blue eyes, and a visible scar near her mouth.

Personality Edit

Anastasya is a hedonistic, trigger-happy, playgirl vampire who only enjoys a good fight more than glass of human blood or a cigar. When she is not fighting evil with her specialised team of metahumans, she is usually smoking, partying, and drinking (blood) in big cities outside of Amenria (because tobacco products are illegal in Amenria).

Despite her chaotic tendencies, she is loyal to her House members and has pledged an allegiance with The Empire because Cheonsa saved her father's life.

Powers and abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Enhanced Durability Edit

Enhanced Speed Edit

Vampire form Edit

Like all vampires, she can transform into her true form, which is a large, humanoid, bat-like creature. This form enhances her physical abilities and grants her flight.

Bat form Edit

Anastasya can transform into a regular bat.

Longevity Edit

Like other vampires, she has a long lifespan and remain in good physical condition despite being more than a century old.

Manipulation Edit

Anastasya is a master in the art of seduction, much like her partner.

Enhanced Intelligence Edit

Quotes Edit

 If that means helping the guy who saved my father kick a**, then yea, I'm in. 
(Anastasya's Pledge of Allegiance )

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