¿You call that a gun? THIS is a gun! 
(Anarchy on Weapons Expo 71th Edition)
Codename: "Anarchy"
The Queen of Cannons
Role: Firearms Expert
Nationality: American
Full name: ¿?
Born: October 3, 2007
Occupation: CEO of Anarchy Gun Works
Alignment: Anarchist
Religion: Atheism

She is only known as "Anarchy" since nobody knows her real name, but one thing is certain: If it has a trigger and ammo, she can make it even MORE powerful! Nicknamed the "Queen of Cannons" or "Memphis Bomb Princess", Anarchy's expertise is without match. Since making her own gunpowder at the prime age of six, she's been dedicated to the art of crafting, manufacturing and designing weapons. Thrown out of th Ammo Academy for her unconventional designs and ideas, she is now enjoying a important job in the Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia. During her downtime, she curates a tumblr of her favorite movie explosions, shirtless hunks, and think of new ways to shoot things. She is the founder and current CEO of Anarchy Gun Works.


Little is known about this girl, only what she says: She is American and likes guns and explosions. Anarchy was born on October 3, 2007, probably in Memphis, where apparently at the age of six she made her own gunpowder, which tells us that her father was either a madman of arms, or engaged in the same work as her. We believe that she has an innate fascination for weapons since she enrolled in the Ammo Academy, and because of her strange ideas, she was expelled. A short time later he appeared in Dvinmiste Capia making an interesting offer: To have the best state-owned gun manufacturer in the region and only just for the country, in exchange for giving her total freedom to work, without restrictions of any kind. This is how Anarchy Gun Works was created.

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