An Unexpected Adventure

New Pacific Order
New Pacific Order Flag
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Treaty Type: MnDoAP
Treaty Signed: May 24, 2016
Treaty Terminated: September 27, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct
An Unexpected Adventure was a MnDoAP signed between the New Pacific Order and Valkyrie on May 24, 2016. It was cancelled on September 27, 2016.

Article I - Who is Who Edit

The two alliances swearing this oath are the  New Pacific Order, and the strong and honourable Valkyrie.

Article II - Mutual Defence Edit

Both Alliances agree that if any outside entity is foolish enough to launch an attack on these two alliances, then they shall feel the combined fury of Valkyrie, and the New Pacific Order.

This by default, means there will be no hostilities between either alliance.

Article III - Optional Aggression Edit

If either alliance wish to attack an offending alliance, then both parties have to choice to either join in, or refuse to join in on the attacks.

Article IV - Information Edit

If any information which may potentially damage either alliance surfaces, both parties have an obligation to share this information with the other.

Article V - Sovereignty Edit

Both alliances recognize the sovereignty of the other, and will not try to topple or overthrow each other in any way.

Article VI - Cancellation Edit

Should either party decide to end this agreement then notice must be given either through Private messages or IRC. 72 hours after said notice, the treaty will be cancelled.

Signatures Edit

Signed for New Pacific Order:

Emperor: Frawley

Regent: Roquentin

Imperial Officer of Military Affairs: T-Pain

Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs: Auctor

Imperial Officer of Economic Affairs: MrHat

Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs: SynysterGates

Imperial Counselors: Jasmine and Lord of Darkness

Commissar of Foreign Affairs: ComradeMilton

Signed For Valkyrie:

High King Young - FA

High King Chris - IA

High King Mannax - DM

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