Overview == The Alliances API provides a listing of every alliances that currently exists along with some basic information.

Access URL Edit

The Alliances API can be accessed at the URL:


Returned JSONEdit

    "alliances": [
        //A bunch of alliances
        "id": "1039",
        "founddate": "2015-01-31 21:51:20",
        "name": "Mensa HQ",
        "acronym": "",
        "color": "green",
        "rank": 12,
        "members": 55,
        "score": 66263.22,
        "leaderids": ["12663"],
        "officerids": ["12695", "12826", "12838", "12822", "15421"],
        "heirids": ["12956"],
        "avgscore": 1204.7858,
        "flagurl": "https:\/\/\/1nM39ka.jpg",
        "forumurl": "http:\/\/\/forum\/index.php\/board,272.0.html",
        "ircchan": "MensaHQ"
    //Even more alliances
  • The Alliances API is structured as an array 'Alliances' with each array element being an object representing a single alliance.
  • Alliances are listed by rank from highest to lowest.
  • For some reason know only to Sheepy, a number of properties on here are lacking from the individual API.
  • For alliances that do not have a particular property (e.g. alliance with no heirs or officers), those properties will not be present in the API request.
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