Alliance permissions allow an alliance to designate different members with different powers. Each position (Leader, Heir and Officer) can have its own custom title that is displayed on the user's nation page as well as the alliance page.


The creator of an alliance is automatically the leader. Leaders have unrestricted access to their alliance. They can appoint officers, heirs and even additional leaders, approve applicants and remove members as well as edit the alliance information.


Heirs are the "2nd in command" in alliances. This position is mostly for aesthetic purposes but in the event a leader disappears and an alliance is without a leader the heir can appoint himself leader and get full permissions. Heirs have all the same powers as leaders.


Officers are, well, the "officers" in alliances. They can edit alliance information, approve applicants and remove members. They cannot appoint other officers, heirs, or leaders.


Members have no real powers, they simply contribute to an alliance's statistics. They cannot edit anything or approve applicants.


Applicants are simply nations that have requested to join an alliance. While they are pending approval they are shown as applicants but do not contribute towards an alliance's stats and have no powers in the alliance.

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