Alien Incursion into Civilized Space
Result Ongoing
Preceded by
European Crisis
Unknown Alien Species Eternal Empire of Chernigov


Alexei Mykhailovich Lysenko

Unknown, possibly billions Unknown, possibly billions off Orbis
Casualties and losses
None 4
(This is an RP conflict, not an In-Game War.)

Background Edit

The Alien Incursion into Civilized Space is an ongoing conflict which could turn into a war. On February 12th, 2008, a signal was detected just outside of Chernigovan Space. As such, a team was sent to investigate the signal. On February 13th, contact was lost with the team. For two days, various attempts were made to reestablish contact, which failed. For ten days, the military waited for the transmission of the vehicle that killed the crew. On February 25th, the signal was picked up, and it was very disturbing. Not only was the vehicle that destroyed the ship massive, but it was not alone. Czar Alexei Mykhailovich Lysenko himself was shocked by was found, as he felt he had recognized it from his time in the military. As of February 26th, 2008, Chernigov has begun preparing for a war.

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