Alexio, Play Despacito
Part of the Alliance Wars
Date September 27, 2020 - ongoing.
Casus belli & - Arrgh raids on its government.

Arrgh - Attacks on its counters and a number of wars being declared within a short time frame.

Status Active
Preceded by
Birthwei Party
Succeeded by
Aurora Trinity War

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The Swamp

The Ampersand

The Federation
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The Lost Empire
The Immortals White Peace
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The Fighting Pacifists White Peace


Arrgh Flag.png Ripper
Arrgh Flag.png Roberts

Amp.png Alexio
Fed.png Kosta
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg Atlan
The Immortals Flag.png Tyrion Lannister White Peace
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Quichwe10 White Peace

66 nations 626 nations
Casualties and losses

As of January 19th


As of January 19th

Alexio, Play Despacito (name is pending, and might change), is an ongoing conflict between the alliance of Arrgh and several alliances from The Swamp bloc (most prominently The Ampersand, The Federation and The Lost Empire).

Hostilities appear to have started on September 27th, when Arrgh launched several raids against two members of Ampersand's government. Over the course of the following two days, Ampersand responded by declaring 17 wars on Arrgh members that so far had been uninvolved in the attacks on Ampersand government. Arrgh responded to such attacks with counters, something that resulted in further escalation over the following days.

The 3rd of October was the first day where the allies of Ampersand came to their aid, as The Federation declared several wars on Arrgh.

On the 4th of October Arrgh recognized officially hostilities with Ampersand, something that lead to both The Federation and The Lost Empire to declare war on Arrgh in response. From that point onwards, several other members of the bloc started declaring wars on Arrgh, while Arrgh expanded its field of "retribution" operations.

By October 6th over 300 individual wars had been reached. 1000 wars had been crossed by 25th October.

On 28th October, it was observed that Alexio, the leader of The Ampersand, had sold down his infrastructure to 950 in each city, fulfilling one of the key terms offered by Arrgh for peace.

The war got somewhat disturbed on the 31st of October, with the outbreak of Global War 16. Where the The Swamp block directly took part from the outbreak of the war, while Arrgh increased ithe number of wars on alliances not part of swamp, likely taking advantage of the global to raid both sides in the conflict.

Alexio, Play Despacito is still ongoing despite this, with Arrgh turning down any offers of a white peace.

The war was met by another disturbance on the 23rd of November, with Arrgh joining the war Alanfall, as paid mercenaries, this war only lasted a week however, with peace being declared on the 30th of November.

On the 7th of December, Swamp ejected The Fighting Pacifists and The Immortals from their ranks. It is unknown what effect if any this will have on fighting.

The fighting got disturbed once more on the 20th of December 2020. When Arrgh went to war with Pantheon in the conflict known as Party in the Pantheon, in part of Arrgh's birthday celebration. This war lasted until the 30th of december.


4th of October

5th of October

31st of October

  • The outbreak of Global War 16 slows the pace of fighting with Swamp primarily engaged with Quack sphere and Arrgh taking advantage of the conflict to loot both sides.

23rd of November

  • Arrgh joins the war Alanfall, acting as mercenaries. As a result Arrgh nearly stop raiding active members of the Swamp Block for a week.

30th of November

7th of December

  • The Immortals and The Fighting Pacifists split from The Swamp bloc. With hostile relations between them and Arrgh returning to their prewar status.

14th of December

  • Global War 16 comes to an end, which result in only a small upswing in hostilities between Arrgh and the remaining members of the Swamp Bloc.

20th of December

  • Arrgh helped orchestrated the war Party in the Pantheon, as part of Arrgh's birthday celebration. Once more a new war slowed down the hostilities between Arrgh and The Swamp.

30th of December

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