The Empire of Alexiamia

Alexiamia Flag Flag of The Empire of Alexiamia

Empress Alexia
Member of The United Empire of Zah'Aharon
Basic Information
Founded October 11, 2016
Color Blue
National Statistics
Government Type Dictatorship Dictatorship
Social Policies Authoritarian Authoritarian
Economic Policies Far Right Far Right
Pollution 377 points
Currency Pound Sterling
GDP $1,217,917,606.92
Civilians 280,923
Area 365,015 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 90.35 people per mi²
Military Strength
Infantry 42,000
Tanks 1,000
Aircraft 36
Ships 0
Stadium: The Empress Alexia Stadium of Glory
Team: The Lex
National Capital Alexiana City
Other Cities Alexiapolis, The City of Flames, Psychopathia

Alexia served as the Minister of Truth of Polaris from November 1, 2016 to May 10, 2017.

"Once you go Lexian, you never go back."
The Empire of Alexiamia is a small, independent, established nation in Europe. The Empire of Alexiamia's government is a Dictatorship with very authoritarian social and far right wing economic policies. The Empire of Alexiamia was previously part of the United Kingdom until October 2016, when it was sold to the highest bidder after the dramatic collapse of the British government. The cause of this collapse is to this day unknown, although there is some speculation that this was facilitated by the current government.

This country was one of three sold to triplet sisters: Alexia Mia (The Empire of Alexiamia) (Formerly England), Donna Mia (The Queendom of Donnamia) (Formerly Scotland) and Diana Mia (The Incorporated States of Dianamia, which was then conquered by WSxPhoenix and is now called Phoenixia) (Formerly Wales and Northern Ireland). The Empire of Alexiamia is now ruled by Empress Alexia and a few major businesses that are under her control.


The country's name "The Empire of Alexiamia" is derived from the name of the Empress Alexia Mia who was the highest bidder when the island was being sold. The name Alexia is of ancient Greek origin and it is the female form of Alexis which means "defender of the people". The name Mia is of Scandinavian origin and it means "of the sea" or "bitter". Furthermore, the nation is an empire, not of colonies, but rather of businesses.

History and Culture

The Empire of Alexiamia (Formerly England) was formed when it was sold to Empress Alexia (the highest bidder) after the sudden and dramatic collapse of the British Government. The Empire is fully privatized and is classed as a Corporate Police State. The citizens of The Empire experience complete happiness due to the success of The School of Life, which uses highly developed technology to purge the system of unhelpful thoughts and desires. Attending The School of Life is mandatory, resulting in every single citizen being happy. The Empire has never seen protests or complaints and the people are always smiling, shopping and praising their Empress. Crime is unheard of in The Empire because most citizens do not believe that they should disobey Empress Alexia and any that do are promptly removed from Society so that they don't confuse others. Any person coming from a foreign country that tries to un-adjust the mind of The Empire's citizens will be personally interrogated by Empress Alexia. No one has survived this to this date so no one really knows what happens during these interrogations.

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