The Albertan Jays are Baseball team in the nation. They are led by Prime Minister Jack Harper. 


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Main InformationEdit

Name: Albertan Jays

Owner: Jack Harper

Manager: Jack Harper

Coach: Jack Harper

Colours: Blue and Yellow

Other InformationEdit

Home Field: Cross Field, Barrhead, Province of North Albertan, United States of Albertan

Played Games: 35

Wins: 1

Loses: 34

Invested: $848,000

Earned: $21,162.50

Seating: 3,000

Seat Level: 11

Quailty Level: 25

Age of Retirement: 40 yrs

Runs: 7

List of Starting PitchersEdit

Here will be the Starting Pitchers go.

Name | Age | Position | Notes |

  1. Kevin Williams | 31 yrs old | P | First
  2. Van Reed | 27 yrs old | P | Second

List of Retired PlayersEdit

Here the Retirees go.

Name| Position| Yrs| Age| Notes|

  1. Kevin Williams| P| 1 season | 31 yrs old| First, played 35 games
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