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Part of the Alliance Wars
Date November 16th 2020 - November 30th 2020

(Duration: 15 days)

Casus belli Discontent towards Guilo/John Zoidberg

Alliance war training purposes

Result 45 Day NAP with combatants.

The Reef Disbands

Duck Hunt

Atlantian Council Flag.jpg
Atlantian Council
The Reef.png
The Reef
The Archangels.jpg
The Archangels
The Wei flag.png

The Wei

Genesis Flag.png
Screenshot 20200923-204309.jpeg
Compass Flag.png

Black Skies.jpg

Black Skies

Arrgh Flag.png


Atlantian Council Flag.jpg PurpleElefante
The Reef.png Havgle Surrendered
The Archangels.jpg Ascended Master
The Wei flag.png Penguin
Genesis Flag.png Cheese Man
Screenshot 20200923-204309.jpeg AgentCrew
Compass Flag.png Fain

Black Skies.jpgAlan
Arrgh Flag.pngRoberts

November 19th:

Nations: 118
Score: 200,499

November 29th:
(+NWSRFE, -Reef)
Nations: 153
Score: 254,467

November 19th:

Nations: 72
Score: 85,227

November 29th:
Nations: 125
Score: 162,694

Casualties and losses
As of 27th Nov:


As of 27th Nov:


† Alliance disbanded during war

Alanfall is a conflict that broke out on November 17 2020 when The Reef, Atlantian Council, The Archangels and The Wei declared war on Black Skies.

Peace talks were leaked by images revealing Havgle demanding Black Skies pay 1 billion in cash to each of their four attackers.

Announcements & Events

November 17 2020

November 18 2020

  • Several nations from The Lost Empire and Knights Templar declare war on The Reef and The Wei; TLE/KT subsequently confirmed the wars were not directly related to this conflict.

November 19 2020

November 20 2020

  • Havgle effectively disbands The Reef. The Reef is removed from the "Anti-Black Skies Coalition".
  • Dabigbawss deletes the Discord server where peace talks were being held between all parties.

November 23 2020

  • Arrgh attacks The Archangels and the Atlantian Council, being hired as mercenaries by Black Skies.

November 25 2020

  • TheNorthWesternSouthRegionofthefarEast has several members declare wars on Black Skies.

November 29 2020

  • The conflict appears to be drawing to a close with coalition government confirming peace has been attained.
  • The CB is amended to reflect the Coalition's goals minus The Reef.

November 30 2020

  • Peace officially declared.