Aisling Duval is the eighth and final ruler of the Meta Board until she dissolved the Meta Board to merge with the Achenar Empire. She has assumed office in 22 March 2019 following Featherine's departure from Orbis.

She assumed office officially on 17 March 2019 just before Featherine's departure from Orbis. Her coronation was held as a private event on 22 March. A meeting was conducted on 25 March 2019 and a new government was formed on the same day. An additional meeting was held on 2 April 2019 which ended the staggered beginning of Government operations.

She is directly involved in the 2018 Meta Board Senate Conspiracy since her declassification of various documents that pointed at Featherine being involved in numerous terrorist attacks as a way to make the people of the Meta Board live in fear from The Collective. Former Meta Board Official; Hiroshi Rokkaku actually confirmed Featherine's involvement in a televised interview.

Duval also confirmed that she worked with Rokkaku conspire a coup d'état against Featherine's Administration just two months prior to Aisling's rise to power during the Meta Board's collapse and began a relationship with him despite being married to Clair Vaux Bernardus only a week prior to their divorce. They got engaged after the coup was successful. Aisling Duval was then coronated just eight days after she annexed the Meta Board.


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