Aircraft (commonly referred to as Planes) are used in airstrikes both offensively and defensively. They are excellent at destroying infrastructure and other military units. They are the only military unit that can attack other military units: aircraft can kill soldiers and destroy tanks and ships, as well as other aircraft. Aircraft do not destroy improvements.

Aircraft can also be used for getting air superiority, which decreases the efficiency (their power in battle, not their numbers) of enemy tanks by 50%.

Aircraft is also affected by ground control. Once Ground Control has been established, all subsequent Ground Battles will destroy some of your opponent's Aircraft (based on the number of Tanks you send in battle).

To build Aircraft you need to build Hangars in your cities (which must be powered). Each hangar allows you to produce 3 aircraft per day and can host 15 aircraft in total.

Cost, Upkeep and Required Resources Edit

Each aircraft costs $4,000 and five aluminum. It also has a daily upkeep cost of $500 during peace time and $750 during war time.

Aircraft require both Munitions and Gasoline to operate. By default, aircraft will arm themselves with any available munitions and gasoline. Any planes without gas or munitions will not participate in fighting (either offensive or defensive). In case you do not have enough gasoline or munitions to use all of your planes during an offensive airstrike you launch, a notification will appear. 1 ton of munitions and gasoline is required for every four aircraft.

Aircraft Capacity Edit

Aircraft are supported by Hangars which are military city improvements. Each Hangar can support a maximum of 15 Aircraft, and allows you to manufacture up to 3 Aircraft per day.

Population Support Edit

Maximum Aircraft capacity is also limited by a nation's population. Your maximum Aircraft count cannot exceed 0.1% of your nation's population, regardless of how many Hangars you have.

Strategic Use Edit

Aircraft are considered the most powerful units of the game: they are excellent at destroying infrastructure (much better than Soldiers and Tanks are) and pretty much all other units: planes destroy tanks better than tanks destroy tanks during Ground Battles and ships better than ships destroy ships during Naval Battles. The damage of course depends on the number of aircraft sent for an airstrike. For this reason, many nations and alliances try to keep maximum airforce.

Aircraft have been nerfed in the 14 May 2020 update:

  • Soldiers Killed Airstrike: 43% -> 25%
  • Tanks Killed Airstrike: 43% -> 14%
  • Ships Killed Airstrike: 41% -> 34%
  • Aircraft Killed Airstrike (Dogfight): 83% -> 53%
  • Aircraft Killed by Tanks in a Ground Battle: 0% -> 42% (only after Ground Control has been established)
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