This alliance has disbanded. (Note: Unknown When / Why)

Aihara Family

Aihara Family Flag
Flag of Aihara Family

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Basic Details
Founded 6th September 2019
Headquarters Asia
Color Maroon
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Darling Nepgear
Little Darling
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Afrika Korps
MDP Yakuza

Aihara Family is an alliance in Politics & War. The founding members were Ruby (Nepgear), Mao, and Rushtin. They are a protectorate of Afrika Korps.

Proto-Aihara Family (February 20th - May 27th 2019)

Neo-Aihara Family (September 6th 2019 - Present)

History of the Proto-Aihara Family Edit

Before Aihara Family existed, the founders were members of a single alliance called the I

ndependent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) led by Gandalf (Diomedes). After the alliance dissolved during the Gandalf Crisis of February 19, the founders decided to leave IRON. Originally there were no plans to create an alliance and the members were going to fend for themselves to survive. However, the founders were approached by Yakuza who offered safety and guidance. Ruby requested to create the Aihara Family protectorate with the Yakuza, and the Yakuza leader Zhen agreed.

The quick and aggressive rise of Aihara Family caused them to become a target by various alliances. After an attack on Aihara Family from a KT member who had gone rouge and threatened to cause a bloc war, it was decided that the alliance could not survive on its own. Ruby approached various alliances and leaders, only to be rejected for assistance. The fate of Aihara Family was sealed when it realized it could no longer receive help.

Proto-Aihara Family was disbanded on May 27th 2019 and remaining members merged with Yakuza.

History of the Neo-Aihara Family Edit

On September 06th 2019, Yakuza achieved victory in the Dial-Up War. However, by this point the active Yakuza members had left or were planning to. With the collapse of Yakuza seeming imminent, Ruby to decide to restart Aihara Family. The modern Aihara Family is a protectorate of Afrika Korps.

On September 16th, a dual-citizenship program was agreed to between Aihara and Afrika Korps. Members are now issued an AIC.

Gallery Edit


Flag of Proto-Aihara Family


Flag of Neo-Aihara Family

Nepgear's AIC

Negpear's AIC


Propaganda created for Restoration Holiday

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