Aftermath and Apocalypse
Date February 21, 2018
Casus belli The Imperium of Man ghost to hit IQ

Assassin Order provokes IQ

Status Resolved

White Peace, 90-day NAP between AO/IoM and IQ/DS + 500 mil from IQ to IoM/AO

Preceded by
Kastor's Karma War
Dead Knights Tell No Tales

Imperium of Man Flag
The Imperium of Man
Assassin Order Flag
Assassin Order

The Inquisition Flag
The Inquisition

Black Knights Flag
Black Knights
Cornerstone Flag
New Pacific Order War Flag
New Pacific Order
Zodiac Flag

Guardians of the Galaxy Flag
Guardians of the Galaxy

Acadia Flag
Order of the White Rose New Flag
Order of the White Rose Dragonstone Flag


Imperium of Man Flag Arnout
Assassin Order Flag Kastor

Black Knights Flag Tiber
Black Knights Flag Curufinwe
Cornerstone Flag Aristide
Cornerstone Flag Rache Olderen
New Pacific Order War Flag Roquentin
Zodiac Flag Pablo
Zodiac Flag Taco
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag Seeker
Acadia Flag TheNG
Order of the White Rose New Flag Sval
Dragonstone Flag Epimetheus

Imperium's Rise

During The Parti Rep Conflict, two senior members of the Imperium of Man left to ghost with the alliance Terminal Jest. Out of boredom, and to make it clear their opinions toward The Inquisition, they attacked. Leaders such as Arnout succeeded in aiding the war effort and undermining IQ.

After these events had occurred, an uneasy peace descended over the front, and many members of Terminal Jest returned to their original alliances. In doing so, threats were made towards IoM by IQ, including war and the eventual destruction of their alliance. Knowing that war was on the near horizon, IoM prepared for war.

On February 19, 2018 at approximately 11:54 P.M. nations such as T Nilfgaardian Empire, Flevoland, Greater Germania and Adraya launched attacks, eventually leading to 119+ wars occurring between members of IQ and others. Black Knights and Zodiac led huge counters that were designed to end IoM, but not all succeeded. This suicide attack has resulted in great losses on both sides with many of the larger nations from both IQ and IoM being damaged significantly. In particular, the leaders from both sides have been targeted heavily.

IQ offered a 3-month Non Aggression Pact and White Peace. After the Primark’s, Chapter Masters and the Emperor of Mankind had discussed this. They hastily refused and gave a formal response within twenty-four hours. These attacks against IQ, including Assassin Order and Terminal Jest attacking with formidable strength, resulted in the total cost of damages for IQ numbering in the tens of billions with significant damage to their nations.

IoM agreed to the previous deal offered of a 90-day NAP based on AO's agreement.

The Assassin's War

Supposedly, Kastor, leader of Assassin Order, invited BK's leadership and Cornerstone's leadership to be on his radio show. This lead to Kastor trash talking BK and CS. There was also information leaked from an unknown source which stated that Kastor knew about the planned attack by Terminal Jest against Acadia. This resulted in a declaration of war on AO by IQ.

Assassin Order and IQ/and co. reached a peace deal with a 90-day NAP between IQ/DS and AO.


  • NPO did not attack Assassin Order
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