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Bio from in-game:

The Holy Land of Aegeis is a nation led by Herald of Order, Tellus Vichori on the continent of Europe. The Holy Land of Aegeis's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Holy Land of Aegeis favors extremely right wing policies. The official currency of The Holy Land of Aegeis is the Ruble. At 4 days old, The Holy Land of Aegeis is a new nation. The Holy Land of Aegeis has a population of 158,221 and a land area of 1,530.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 103.41. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Player's own custom bio:Edit

Aegeis is a state of the Great Mother Greece, standing upon a mountain of rock and grass with meadows at the foot-hill. Lush trees, the greenest of grass with apple and olive trees sit on top of the mountain. Above the clouds, there lies a palace made of the purest of stone, overlooking the blue waves hitting the cliffs that can be seen from the balcony. 

That para alone, should signify the beauty of Aegeis.

Military Forces: Edit

Aegeis seems to be focused on ground forces completely.

With a lack of a navy and an air-force, any player with even the slightest of units in either of the aforementioned troops can easily overpower Aegeis.

It's military [Checked at 10:26 GMT +3] is at  19,552 soldiers, 186 tanks, zero naval ships and zero air-crafts.

It has 9005 casualties, with about 15,674 soldiers killed. 64 tanks were lost, whilst 111 tanks were destroyed. This is all due to the various raiding wars the country has declared [Read below]:

Wars: Edit

The first war Aegeis entered was against the nation of EAGLELAND, ruled by AMERICAN HERO with no alliance affiliation.

The war began on 06/30/2016 05:56 pm, and ended with a truce on 07/01/2016 05:43 am after two consecutive immense triumphs by the nation of Aegeis, a testament to the military power of Aegeis.

Table is shown below:

Nation Infra Soldiers Tanks Aircraft Ships Money
EAGLELAND 7.13 926 0 0 0 $0.00
Aegeis 0.00 401 0 0 0 $0.00

The second war Aegeis engaged in was another raiding war, declared upon the nation of The Flying Dutchman, which ended in a truce, after one aerial attack from Davey Jones, ruler of The Flying Dutchman at exactly 07/01 11:35 am, server time. The attack ended up destroying 14.26 infrastructure, and 3960 soldiers. It ended before either party could launch another attack due to a misunderstanding before the declaration.

This would be the first war Aegeis would lose.

Table as shown below:

Nation Infra Soldiers Tanks Aircraft Ships Money
The Flying Dutchman 0.00 0 0 0 0 $0.00
Aegeis 14.26 3,960 0 0 0 $0.00

Another war that was apparently declared by Aegeis was on Madiq.

The state of Madiq however has vanished, and as such any records of the war are gone. From how it looks, the nation of Madiq lost. Messaging the ruler of Aegeis resulted in confirmation of the prior statement.

[More wars to come. Author is late for work.]

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