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Achievements are unlocked in P&W by completing pre-determined tasks. Three at a time can be showcased on the nation page, changeable on the Nation Edit page.

On August 14, 2019, the initial set of 36 achievements were released, this was later followed the same day by a further 8 achievements, bringing the total to 44. They are not retroactive.

In the years since individual achievements have been added at times for various reasons.


Image Requirement
Achievement 6 years Purchase the Limited Edition 6th Anniversary Award Package
Achievement 7 years Purchase the Limited Edition 7th Anniversary Package
Achievement 8th anniversary 8 Years: Purchase the Limited Edition 8th Anniversary Package
Achievement 9th anniversary Purchase the Limited Edition 9th Anniversary Package
Achievement 9 Be Engaged in 9 Active Wars Simultaneously
(Note: Pirate Economy project allows you to declare 6 offensive wars)
Achievement 300 Have Exactly 300 Soldiers
2020 Nation Existed In and Survived the Worst Year in Modern History
Achievement 2022 super contributor A Very Generous Extra Contribution to Politics and War
Achievement 3000 Nation Over 3,000 Days Old
Achievement active Login for a week consecutively
Achievement a dish best served cold Win an Attrition War
Achievement alexander Win over 1,000 wars
Achievement alexd Participated in the Alex'd prank Discord Server on July 15, 2021
Achievement anarchist Have an Anarchist Social Policy rating
Achievement angelic Subscribe to Politics & War
Achievement anti proliferation Destroy a Nuclear Weapon with an Espionage operation
Achievement ape Be Engaged in 10 Active Wars Simultaneously
Achievement arsenal Have at least 10 Nuclear Weapons
Achievement as bad as alex Be Denounced 100 times
Achievement a small loan Receive $1,000,000 from an Alliance Bank
Achievement a whole new world First Nation to Land on Mars (earned by Tristan Roosevelt)
Achievement back in my day Have a nation at least one year old
Achievement back to the mines Have your Approval Rating reach 0%
Achievement bandit Loot More than $100,000 Winning a War
Achievement beloved Receive 100 commendations
Achievement be mine Be Alex's Valentine by Logging In on Valentine's Day
Achievement big brother Have an Fascist Social Policy rating
Achievement big fish Have 10 or more Cities
Achievement big shipper Trade More than 50,000 Resources at Once
Achievement blackbeard More than $250,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted
Achievement blockadier Blockade an Enemy Nation
Achievement boaty mcboatface Have over 500 Ships
Achievement bounty hunter Complete a Bounty
Achievement bug zapper Help Alex With Significant Bug Testing
Achievement carpet bomber Destroy 250 Infrastructure in an Airstrike
Achievement cat person Nation name or Leader name contains the word
Achievement commended Be commended publicly by another nation
Achievement commender Commend another nation publicly
Achievement conch republic Have One Soldier and One Aircraft
Achievement couped Change your leader name
Achievement death from above Have more than 1,000 Aircraft
Achievement dedicated Log In for a Month Consecutively
Achievement denounced Be denounced publicly by another nation
Achievement denouncer Denounce another nation publicly
Achievement dog person Nation name or Leader name contains the word "dog"
Achievement dont tread on me Have an Extreme Right Economic Policy rating
Achievement drake killer Defeat Wallace Drake in a War
Achievement dr evil Have $1,000,000 in your nation
Achievement elijah mikaelson Hit 10/10 in Keno
Achievement empire builder Build 50 Cities
Achievement fat man Build a Nuclear Weapon
Achievement founder Create an alliance
Achievement fraggle approved Have over 500 Nuclear Weapons
Achievement gambler Play Keno
Achievement GOON GOON
Achievement grease the wheels Donate to the Game
Achievement hannibal Win over 200 wars
Achievement hannibal ad portas Be attacked by someone with the Hannibal achievement
Achievement happy feet Locate your nation in Antarctica
Achievement Halloween 2021 Halloween 2021: Participant in 2021 P&W Pumpkin Carving Contest
Achievement ho ho ho Log In on Christmas Day
Achievement im all in Play Keno on Max Bet
Achievement inception Creating a nation
Achievement influential Be the Leader of a Top 15 Alliance
Achievement i see you Build the Spy Satellite National Project
Achievement June 23 Tournament Participate in the June 2023 Test Server Tournament
Achievement karma Win a war against someone with the Karma achievement
Achievement kastor Be Denounced 50 Times
Achievement lauded Receive 50 commendments
Achievement legendary raider More than $1,000,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted
Achievement loser Lose a War
Achievement lunar wars Build the Moon Landing National Project
Achievement mad men Create a Player Advertisement
Achievement manifesto Have an Extreme Left Economic Policy rating
Achievement migrant Move continents
Achievement moby dick Have 20 or more Cities
Achievement moneyball Have a Baseball Team Rating of 100
Achievement mutually assured Have over 100 Nuclear Weapons
Achievement nuclear capable Build the Nuclear Research Facility National Project
Achievement octopus Be Engaged in 8 Active Wars Simultaneously
Achievement one small step First Nation to Land on the Moon (earned by Frezasan)
Achievement orbis hero Significantly Help Politics & War
Achievement peacemaker End a war in a truce
Achievement piggy banker Make a Deposit to an Alliance Bank
Achievement pirate More than $10,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted
Achievement pirate god More than $100,000,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted
Achievement pirate king More than $10,000,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted
Achievement pirate legend More than $50,000,000,000 Lifetime Money Looted
Achievement politics and twitter Support Politics and War on Twitter
Achievement princeps civitatis Have your Approval Rating reach 100%
Achievement put my grasses on Win a war against Chris
Achievement Pw o lantern 2020 Pumpkin Carving Contest Participant
Achievement pwpedia bounty hunter PWPedia Bounty Hunter: Finding at least 4 bugs in the new PWPedia
Achievement quitter Leave an alliance
Achievement raider Win a Raid War
Achievement rap god Great Job! Kev and Charlie PW Radio Show
Achievement red desert Land on Mars
Achievement rewarded Watch a Rewarded Ad
Achievement rick rolled Get Rick Rolled
Achievement rocket raider Win a War with a Missile Attack
Achievement rush hour Get 30 unique nation page visits in 24 hours
Achievement scuttler Decommission all your ships while at war
Achievement sheepy Win a war against Alex
Achievement starvation mode Run out of Food in Your Nation
Achievement strategist Win at least 25 wars
Achievement sun tzu Win 10 wars in a single turn
Achievement super contributor A Very Generous Extra Contribution to Politics and War
Achievement take to the skies Build a hangar
Achievement the final frontier Build the Space Program National Project
Achievement the great war Win 8 wars in a single turn
Achievement this is fine Lose 8 wars in a single turn
Achievement tis just a scratch Lose 10 wars in a single turn
Achievement to the farm Disband an alliance
Achievement touch grass Log In for a Year Consecutively
Achievement Tourney Top 10 Score June 23 Tournament: Top 10 Score: Placed Top 10 Score in June 2023 Tournament
Achievement Tourney Top 10 Wars Won June 23 Tournament Top 10 Wars Won: Placed Top 10 Wars Won in June 2023 Tournament
Achievement treasure collector Hold 2 or more Treasures
Achievement treasure holder Hold a Treasure
Achievement treasure hunter Steal a Treasure
Achievement treasure master Hold all 30 Treasures
Achievement tree hugger Build the Green Technologies National Project
Achievement underdog Win a war against a nation with a higher score than you
Achievement very important player Have VIP
Achievement violent breeds violence Declare war on someone for a third time within a month
Achievement winter soldier Fight a Ground Battle in Antarctica

Staff/Team Achievements[]

Image Requirement
Achievement discord mod Moderate the Politics & War Discord
Achievement discord deputy Deputy Mod in the Politics & War Discord
Achievement reddit mod Moderate the P&W Subreddit
Achievement wiki mod Moderate the Politics & War Wikia
Achievement design team Design Team Member
Achievement pwpedia team PWPedia Team: PWPedia Editor
Achievement qa team Quality Assurance Team Member for Politics & War