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Ace of Diamonds
Part of the Micro Wars
Date August 2, 2021 - August 4, 2021
Casus belli
  • Diamond Forces: Counters sent on them by Republic of Nassau went beyond the initial raider
  • Republic of Nassau: Raids on their member
  • NASS-BS victory
  • Diamond Forces Surrender
  • Diamond Forces pay $6.9m in reps
Preceded by
Oblivion-WTF War
Succeeded by
Crusading Season 2

Diamond Forces Flag.jpeg
Diamond Forces

Republic of Nassau
Black Skies.jpg
Black Skies


Diamond Forces Flag.jpeg Sovier Malatius

Nassau17.png Thorin163
Black Skies.jpg Alan

3 participating nations Republic of Nassau: 5 participating nations

Black Skies: 1 participating nation

Casualties and losses
98M (including reparations) 49M

Ace of Diamonds is a micro-war between Diamond Forces led by Diamond Sovier Malatius and Republic of Nassau led by Thorin163.

Time Line

August 2nd, 2021

  • Simcoe State (DF) declares a war on Republic of Obama (NASS)
  • Counters are sent by Republic of Nassau with only one of the wars declared being on the initial raider

August 3rd, 2021

  • Diamond Forces declares a recognition of hostilities and declares war on Republic of Nassau

August 4th, 2021

  • Black Skies gets involved with their leader, Alan declaring two wars to fight with Republic of Nassau
  • Diamond Forces surrender and pays $6.9m in reps