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Flag of Acadia

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Basic Details
Founded October 21, 2016
Headquarters North America
Color Aqua
Status Active
Lord Proprietor: TheNG
Patroon: George Clooney
Finance: Cape Merchant: Acey
Internal Affairs: Intendant: JD Keller
Archivist: Anymou
Defense: Captain: Curtis Lowe
Boarding Officer: Magnanimus
Armourer: Josh of Clan Mason
Foreign Affairs: Chief Agent: TBA
Intelligencer: ColoringNick
As of January 29, 2019
Total Nations 42
Score 104,845.82
Average Score 2,496.33
Alliance Rank 15
Active Blocs
Bloc The Covenant
Active Treaties
MDoAP United Purple Nations
MDoAP Black Knights
MDoAP Guardians of the Galaxy
MDoAP Polaris
Protectorate BRICS
Protectorate Egyptian Empire
Protectorate Lanchester

Acadia is an aqua team alliance founded on October 21, 2016 as a result of the merge between The Dutch East India Company and the North American Confederacy. At the time of the merge, the alliance was under the protection of Roz Wei, the United Purple Nations, and Polaris.

The current state of the alliance is in question, as indicated by this forum announcement. Most of the leadership of Acadia has entered long term vacation mode to protest moderation actions that they perceived as alleged game admin bias, particularly but not exclusively in the case against New Pacific Order during NPO Cheating Scandal.

Community Awards Edit

These are the awards which Acadia has won in the Politics and War Awards:

  • Alliance Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2018 (2017)
  • Most Improved Alliance (2018)

These are the awards which members of Acadia have won as individuals:

  • Worst Alliance Leader (2016): TheNG
  • Best In Character Poster (2017): TheNG
  • Worst Alliance Leader (2017): TheNG
  • Funniest Player (2018): TheNG
  • Largest E-Peen (2018): TheNG
  • Worst Alliance Leader (2018): TheNG

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