Botswana Flag Flag of Abrizhou

Queen Ici Ivana
Imperial of The United Empire of Zah'Aharon
Basic Information
Founded March 5, 2025
Color Purple
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy Absolute Monarchy
Economic Policies Moderate Moderate
Religion Ciresa
Pollution 850 points
Currency Energon Cubes
GDP $1,830,007,349.77
Civilians 723,892
Military Strength
Military name Royal Abrizhouian Armed Force
Nation Rank 2,009
Score 733.00
Infantry 36,000
Tanks 1,500
Aircraft 250
Ships 20
Spies Unclassified
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Celieu
Other Cities 5 Cities

Abrizhou is a nation led by Queen Ici on the continent of Africa. Abrizhou's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Abrizhou favors left wing policies. The official currency of Abrizhou is the Energon Cubes, the popluation is 723,892.

The nation was formed from the fallen states of Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, and Edo. The popluation decreased from those states, resulting in 6 cities being the largest. The land is moslty barren after the war for independence.

The country was in a state of Union with the United Republic Federation of States, both politically and economically as the Queen is in a relationship with the acting Alpha Commander, Imari Thomas. Birthing a child with him, but can only be an heir to her throne.

History Edit

-Independence Edit

The Federal Republic of Nigeria was the power house in Africa, actively working with the African Union. But, at the same time, making enemies with the Republic Federations. Mostly by harassing the URF Navy near the Gulf of Guinea or by outright underminding the Alpha Commander.

While Nigeria enjoyed the position it was in, the people in the nation grown tired of the mistreatment of the women and children. For Religious Violence to grow rampant and kill many, for treatment of other ethic groups.

This result in several protest to rise, some marching on the capital itself. But as time goes on, their demands were ignored or neglected. on March 2025, Ici Ivana was chosen as the leader of the rising Rebellion, putting her in a important position.

Knowing that fighting the Nigerian Military is suicide, she began working with the Senate in the United Republic Federation. Getting permission from Nicholas Thomas, the first Alpha Commander.

While waiting for the United Republic Federation Military, Ici and her Rebel Forces began raid operations and sabotage missions. Disrupting much of the Nigerian military's response, along with giving her rebels a upperhand.

On April 2025, the CVA-class Carrier, Diplomacy, arrived along with 25,000 Marines from Amphibious landings and Airborne drops. Pushing the Nigerian Military out of Lagos, while forming a beachhead for additional forces. Soon addition 40,000 Army personal led by Imari Thomas, the son of Nicholas Thomas, was deployed. The Allied Forces soon diminished the Nigerian Military, eventually taking Lagos and forming at treaty that allowed the nation of Abrizhou to be formed.

- Peace but Instability Edit

Once the war ended, the nation enjoyed the time of independence. The Queen took this time to work with her nation, working along side the people and gaining favor. It was soon learned that she was pregnant, forcing her duties to be put on hold.

With her pregnancy, her Advisors led the country. Working closely with the United Republic Federation of States, even doing drills with the URF Navy as a sign of cooperation. On June 2026, the birth of Zai Ivana made many in her Advisory nervous. It was found that a few days after the independence, the Queen has slept with the Alpha Commander's son. Birth an heir for Abrizhou and nearly caused poilitical instability with the United Republic Federation. It became worst when Nicholas formed an unequal trade deal that took much of the nation's economy, limiting their options.

The issue wouldn't be solved until 2027, when Imari Thomas takes the throne.

- War for Gulf of Gineua Edit

Around June 2027, the nation was pushed into a war when independent Texas and another nation invaded, pushing her forces to the limit. As the fighting goes on, the Queen hid with her child and her advisors, knowing United Republic Federation Lagos Forces is currently unavailiable.

They would stay hidden until September 2027, when Federation Forces from Lagos responded with S1A2 and K1A1 tanks. Along with additional 45,000 Army troops, pushing the invaders out and reuniting the Queen with the newly appointed Alpha Commander. The two soon married in 2028, forming a Union between the two Nations.

- Rift between Two Powers Edit

As the marriage continued, there has been many cases of complications arising. From troops of Abrizhou engaging Federation Troops, to arguments between the two leaders.

As the complication goes on, more troops from the Federation was ordered to the border. But was condemned as an aggressive act to an Ally. The two powers reached their limit when Abrizhou demanded the end to the Union, something the Federation hesitantly agreed to.

Once ended, Federation forces began sending additional 10,000 from the Infantry Force, separating the two lands between the Federation occupied territory and the Abrizhou.

- War with United Republic Federation Edit

January 2, 2033, the Rift reached it's peak, the Queen ordered the Annexation of Lagos. Attacking the Territory full force and blockading the land, nearly achieving it's goal. The attack nearly removed the Alpha Commander from office, only to recover within a few days.

He ordered an response to take back the territory and to take the Queen from office. On Jan 6, The response was led by URFS Diplomacy and her task force. They took out the navy with the Battleships' new guns while the air force attack the responding F-16s, only to gain naval and air superiority for the rest of the conflict.

Once landed, the Army, Marine, and Reserve Corps numbering up to 65,000 troops removed Abrizhouian Forces from Lagos and invaded the country. Along with the invaders came Nigerian Forces, numbering up to 105,000 troops. Overrun and weaken, the Queen asked to surrender. The Surrender was accepted on March 2033. In the Treaty, the Queen was expelled from Africa and the nations' resources and half the nation goes to U.R.F. Authorities, the other half was given back to Nigeria.

Politics Edit

The Nation of Abrizhou is lead by an Absolute Monarchy, it also an Advisory group that act as a Senate. The Queen commands the military, economy, and politics from the Advisors.

When the Queen is unavailable, the Advisors take control. Anything that the Queen done, the Advisors can't reverse it or change it. So they'll mainly add to it, improving or damaging the laws.

The queen has three Advisors: Supreme General, Supreme Economist, and the Supreme Diplomat. Each Advisor change every 5 years, often chosen by the Queen herself.

As for the Queen, only the female of the Royal Family can take the throne. This can cause conflict between marriages, example from the Alpha Commander's marriage to her. The male members of the family will be placed on the Advisory position, often military positions.

Economy Edit

The nation experience a rich economy, often selling Uranium and Oil. This make much of the country's income, giving it from millions to billions of dollars.

The country used to get economical support from the Republic Federation of State, all the way to 2026. After that year, the Country will get occasional support, mostly to upgrade the cities or as a money dumpster for the Federation.

The country doesn't spend much on defense, mostly going for addition production systems.

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