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A Swampy Situation
Part of the Alliance Wars
June 30, 2020 -
July 21, 2020
Casus belli
TheShadow Raids
white peace.
Preceded by
Minesome's Madness
Not Ending Piracy

The Coal Mines

The Swamp Flag.jpgThe Swamp

The Immortals
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png
The Fighting Pacifists
The Federation
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg
The Lost Empire
The Ampersand

United Socialist Nations Flag.jpg
United Socialist Nations


Aggressor Leaders

Coal.gif Nokia Rokia
Coal.gif Antman

Defender Leaders

TI.png James Wilson
The Fighting Pacifists War Flag.png Quichwe10
Fed.png Kosta
The Lost Empire Flag.jpg Atlan
Fark.png Bozzie
Amp.png Alexio
United Socialist Nations Flag.jpg DarVolt

* AntMan = TheShadow

A Swampy Situation also called Collapse in the Mines 2.0 was a conflict between The Coal Mines (TCM) and The Swamp. It is considered as the successor of Collapse in the Mines (also called Poor Pantheon)


  • A government member of TCM, Antman, raids a member of The Immortals, subsequently countered by The Immortals, then rejoins TCM when Nokia Steps done as leader because irl
  • TCM illegally authorizes Counters on The Immortals' counters ordered by Antman
  • An initial peace agreement is reached by Antman acting TCM Leader
  • Antman breaks the agreement by launching nuclear weapons and missiles on a Farkistan member
  • The Former leader of TCM, Nokia Rokia, refuses Swamp Bloc's demands for reparations for the damages incurred by Antman after being pulled outta retirement by Antman quiting the game because Beige getting removed
  • Swamp Bloc declares war on TCM After having 3 Different FA reps speak to Nokia each with Different demands none of which from Fark the alliance that got Nuked whicb started the Conflict
  • Nokia from TCM and James from TI talk on a radio show, during said show it was stated that Nokia would consider accepting a peace deal if he got an apology
  • During the Radio Show Nokia demands Fark send a FA rep because the war is related to them not Swamp alliances uninvolved in the Conflict
  • Nokia posts in P&W Stats that he has written up a peace deal. The next day James says peace talks fell through after being told he refused Peace talks by James Wilson and claims from TLE Gov about how they want to kill TCM from the game
  • James accuses Nokia of demanding reps even though Nokia stated he was in no position proving he was not informed of current peace talks
  • After the Show Nokia asked Alexio from Ampersand is there any previous talks from TheShadow he is not informed about because he is still peacing the Events together
  • The Claims of James are later refuted by Nokia with dms[1] showing he offered White Peace but he was unwilling to pay reps to Swamp.
  • Nokia got told he didnt matter and Swamp has no reason to White Peace Alexio Claims that even tho Swamp Gov members are saying that they want TCM to die and be removed from the game in the PnW stat server in Public channels that Swamp does not wsh this and the several High Gov and Low Gov members Claiming such are in fact meaning nothing by it Nokia says he believes they are being Honest and he can careless but he will not Surrender and Wont give away members savings because Shadow quit the game deleting all infra and land furthermore the initial counters have all finished so the war should be over
  • Nokia sends members outta TCM to repair and build projects
  • Swamp Claims 90% of TCM left because Nokias Bad leadership and decisions and forces all of Shadows Actions on Nokias name because Shadow quit
  • Nokia gets DMed by Alexio for peace who has said he got Swamp to drop the Reps term and they demand a surrender post Nokia refuses and says white peace or no peace its 30 Vs 600+ we aint losing and members will continue to fight for another month till goal is reached
  • Several days of silence
  • Alexio gets added to a DM chat the TCM Gov offers Nokias Terms as Nokia is having Irl issues and trying to remove himself from talks
  • 2 days later Alexio agrees for Swamp Peace to be White Peace
  • TCM Leader Nokia posts a Forum Post of the White peace and gets trashed talked by 95% of everyone who talks on it
  • The day after the last wars All Former TCM Members return most fully repaired from GPC
  • TCM starts repairing and then 3 weeks later get Blitzed by Aurora for target practice
  • After White Peace is reached with Aurora 1 week later Camelot tries to Drag TCM into war by Blitzing Gov as they repair over OOC drama


July 1st, 2020

July 2nd, 2020

July 10th, 2020

  • Nokia posts his peace agreement with Swamp which later gets rejected by Swamp

July 15th, 2020

  • DMs between Nokia and Swamp get leaked

July 21st, 2020

  • TCM and Swamp agree to a white peace